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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Medias & Cassettes :: Air Sampling Cassettes - Preloaded :: Air-O-Cell® Cassettes :: Air-O-Cell® CSI

Air-O-Cell® CSI  
Air-O-Cell® CSI 
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What's Hidden In Your Debris?

When you are looking for mold, are you missing something else in your debris? Find out with Air-O-Cell CSI.

Air-O-Cell® CSI Provides Universal Optical and SEM particle analysis

Debris can be so much more than just a number, it may reveal the source of contamination.  There are many common non biological particles hiding in sample debris that can not be identified through optical examination.

The Air-O-Cell Collector for SEM Identification (CSI) lets you perform optical, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental x-ray analysis on the exact same air sample. With the Air-O-Cell CSI a sample can be examined and re-examined by optical and SEM in any order without significant particle loss or complex preparation.

Like never before, the unique Air-O-Cell CSI air sampling cassette brings the advantages and precision of SEM particle and elemental x-ray analysis to indoor air quality investigations.  The Air-O-Cell® CSI lets you perform optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and x-ray analysis on the exact same air sample and exact same particles.

Optical Microscopy

SEM Microscopy

X-Ray Analysis Graph

The advantages of Air-O-Cell CSI:
  • The sample can be examined and re-examined by both optical and electron microscopy in any order without significant particle loss or complex sample preparation.
  • The high chemical stability, clarity, and ultra-smooth surface of the collection media enable a wide range of chemical, microbiological, and elemental analysis techniques.
  • The unique low carbon x-ray background is specifically designed to enable the differentiation of common carbon containing indoor air quality particles (wood char, ash, rubber particles, fibers, etc.) in addition to inorganic contaminants.
  • Excellent collection efficiency performance at both low and high temperatures.
  • Optical properties of the adhesive is superior to other products on the market.
  • Specialized adhesive will not cloud if subjected to water or very high levels of humidity.

Additional information available for download

Need to take surface samples?

The Zefon Bio-Tape contains the same optical and SEM compatible properties. Click here for full details.
Zefon Bio-Tape

* Air-O-Cell® CSI cassettes have a limited shelf life.

Manufacturer Zefon International
Stock Status Normally ships within 24 hours

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  Air-O-Cell CSI Cassette Twin Pack, 2/pk
  Product #: CSI002


  Air-O-Cell CSI Cassette, 10/pk
  Product #: CSI010


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