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Zefon International, Inc. :: Gas Detection Equipment :: Passive Monitoring Badges :: Organic Vapor Personal Monitoring Badges

Organic Vapor Personal Monitoring Badges  
Organic Vapor Personal Monitoring Badges 
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The #566 is Assay Technologies most versatile organic vapor monitor. It utilizes the popular ChemDisk II configuration and a new, flexible, inert charcoal wafer.

  • Easy to Use: Minimal training and expertise are required to perform air sampling with Badges.
  • Non-Intrusive to Worker: Badges minimize interference with worker tasks, promoting worker efficiency. They are small, light, and have no tubes or motors.
  • Equipment Not Required: There are no pumps to purchase, calibrate, recharge or fail in the middle of sampling.
  • Facilitates Full-Shift (or longer) Sampling:
    Lower sampling rates prevent sample capacity exceeding. Badges are tolerated for longer periods.
Use this badge for For:
  • 8 Hour TWA
  • 15 Minute STEL
  • 24 Hour IAQ

Associated Analytical Methods: OSHA 7, NIOSH 1500, NIOSH 1550, NIOSH 1604
Note: The 566 monitor can NOT be used for Acetic Acid monitoring.

Storage and Handling

Before Sampling After Sampling
Ship & Store at Room Temperature
Ship & Store at Room Temperature
Must arrive at lab no more than 14 days after sampling.

Additional Information Available

ChemDisk Instructions
Technical Insert for the #566 Organic Vapor Badge

Manufacturer Assay Technologies
U/M Varies by Model Number
Stock Status Normally Ships within 24 Hours

Product Price Order

  Organic Vapor Monitor Only, 10/bx
  Product #: AT-N566


  Organic Vapor Monitor w/Analysis of 1 Vapor, 5/bx
  Product #: AT-X566-1


  Organic Vapor Monitor w/Analysis of 4 vapors, 5/bx
  Product #: AT-X566-4


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