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Zefon International, Inc. :: Gas Detection Equipment :: Dosimeter Tubes :: Gastec Dosimeter Tubes, TWA :: Gastec Dosimeter Tubes - All Gases and Compounds

Gastec Dosimeter Tubes - All Gases and Compounds  
Gastec Dosimeter Tubes - All Gases and Compounds 
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Gastec Dosimeter Tubes provide users with a simple way to perform TWA (Time Weighted Average) monitoring of airborne contaminants. With Gastec’s unique two-layer construction, you have a length-of-stain indication proportionate to the amount of gas contaminant present, ending with a distinct line of demarcation. The line of demarcation is read against a precalibrated measurement scale which is as easy to read as a thermometer and provides exposure levels in parts per million (PPM) hours.

To perform a sample, simply snap off the scored end of the dosimeter tube and insert it into the tube holder. For a TWA reading, wait until the end of the exposure period, then read the value on the scale that corresponds to the end of the stain length. Dividing this reading by the total length of time that the tube was exposed (expressed in hours) yields the average concentrations of the target contaminant for the period sampled.

Gastec Dosimeter Tubes are always ready to use and operate by direct diffusion exposure, so no cumbersome sampling pumps are needed. With no user calibration, extra equipment, laboratory analysis, lengthy calculations or extensive training required, Gastec Dosimeter Tubes reduce administrative and maintenance time and the possibility of user error.

  • Versatile and economical sampling system
  • Variety of measuring ranges provides greater flexibility
  • Accurate and reliable results for personnel and area monitoring
  • Longer, more flexible sampling periods
  • Comfortable, easy-to-wear, and safe tube holder

The following are the Gastec dosimeter tubes available:

#81D Acetic Acid 0.5-100ppm; 10ppmTLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#151D Acetone 5-1500ppm; 500ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#3D Ammonia 2.5-1000ppm; 250ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#3DL Ammonia 0.1-10ppm; 25ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#174D 1,3-Butadiene 1.3-200ppm; 2ppmTLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#2D Carbon Dioxide 0.02-16%; 5000ppmTLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#1D Carbon Monoxide 1.04-2000ppm; 25ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#1DL Carbon Monoxide 0.4-200ppm; 25ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#8D Chlorine 0.08-100ppm; 0.5ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#112D Ethanol 100-25000ppm; 1000ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#91D Formaldehyde 0.1-20ppm

#14D Hydrogen Chloride 1-100ppm; C-4.7ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#12D Hydrogen Cyanide 1-200ppm - Download Specifications

#17D Hydrogen Fluoride 1-100ppm; C-3ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#32D Hydrogen Peroxide 0.5-40ppm; 1ppm TLV-TWA -Download Specifications

#4D Hydrogen Sulfide 0.2-200ppm; 10ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#152D Methyl Ethyl Ketone 2-600ppm; 200ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#9D Nitrogen Dioxide 0.1-30ppm; 3ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#9DL Nitrogen Dioxide 0.01-3ppm; 3ppm TLV-TWA -Download Specifications

#5DH Sulfur Dioxide 10-600ppm; 2ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#5D Sulfur Dioxide 0.2-100ppm; 2ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#133D Tetrachloroethylene 3-150ppm; 25ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#122DL Toluene 2-500ppm; 50ppmTLV-TWA - Download Specifications

#132D Trichloroethylene 3-150ppm; 25ppm TLV-TWA - Download Specifications

NOTE: Tube clips (shown in photo) sold separately

Manufacturer Gastec Corporation
U/M Box of 10
Stock Status Normally Ships within 24 hours. Orders after 2pm EST will be processed the following business day.

Product Price Order

  Gastec Acetic Acid Dosimeter Tube 0.5-100ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-81D


  Gastec Acetone Dosimeter Tube 5-1500ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-151D


  Gastec Ammonia Dosimeter Tube 2.5-1000ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-3D


  Gastec Ammonia Dosimeter Tube 0.1-10ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-3DL


  Gastec 1,3-Butadiene Dosimeter Tube 1.3-200ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-174D


  Gastec Carbon Dioxide Dosimeter Tube 0.02-16%
  Product #: GASTEC-2D


  Gastec Carbon Monoxide Dosimeter Tube 1.04-2000ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-1D


  Gastec Carbon Monoxide Dosimeter Tube 0.4-200ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-1DL


  Gastec Chlorine Dosimeter Tube 0.08-100ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-8D


  Gastec Ethanol Dosimeter Tube 100-25000ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-112D


  Gastec Formaldehyde Dosimeter Tube 0.1-20ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-91D


  Gastec Hydrogen Chloride Dosimeter Tube 1-100ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-14D


  Gastec Hydrogen Cyanide Dosimeter Tube 1-200ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-12D


  Gastec Hydrogen Fluoride 1-100ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-17D


  Gastec Hydrogen Peroxide Dosimeter Tube 0.5-40ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-32D


  Gastec Hydrogen Sulfide Dosimeter Tube 0.2-200ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-4D


  Gastec Methyl Ethyl Ketone Dosimeter Tube 2-600ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-152D


  Gastec Nitrogen Dioxide Dosimeter Tube 0.1-30ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-9D


  Gastec Nitrogen Dioxide Dosimeter Tube 0.01-3ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-9DL


  Gastec Sulfur Dioxide Dosimeter Tube 10-600ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-5DH


  Gastec Sulfur Dioxide Dosimeter Tube 0.2-100ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-5D


  Gastec Tetrachloroethylene Dosimeter Tube 3-150ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-133D


  Gastec Toluene Dosimeter Tube 2-500ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-122DL


  Gastec Trichloroethylene Dosimeter Tube 3-150ppm
  Product #: GASTEC-132D


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