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Zefon International, Inc. :: Gas Detection Equipment :: Detector Tubes :: Gastec Detector Tubes :: S-T - Gases and Compounds :: Gastec Trichloroethylene Detector Tubes

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Gastec Trichloroethylene Detector Tubes  
Gastec Trichloroethylene Detector Tubes 
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Gastec detector tubes are thin glass tubes with calibration scales printed on them which allows you to directly read concentrations of the substances (gases and vapors) to be measured. Each tube contains detecting reagents that are especially sensitive to the target substance and quickly produces a distinct layer color change. The tubes are hermetically sealed. To assure high precision indication, Gastec detector tube's inner diameters are tightly controlled and detecting reagents with long term stability (many have 3 year shelf life) are strictly selected. All detector tubes undergo stringent quality control with each production lot independently tested and calibrated. Each detector tube comes with a quality control number printed on it. Tubes meet the following regulatory standards:

JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard
BS 5354 (UK)
DIN 33882 (Germany)

The following are the Gastec detector tubes available for Trichloroethylene:

#132HH Trichloroethylene 0.05-2.5%
Download Tube #132HH Technical Specifications

#132HA Trichloroethylene 20-1300ppm
Download Tube #132HA Technical Specifications

#132M Trichloroethylene 2-250ppm
Download Tube #132M Technical Specifications

#132L Trichloroethylene 1-70ppm
Download Tube #132L Technical Specifications

#132LL Trichloroethylene 0.25-8.8ppm
Download Tube #132LL Technical Specifications

Note: Tubes #132HA, #132M, #132L, and #132LL must be stored under
refrigeration at 50° Fahrenheit (10°C) or below

Manufacturer Gastec Corporation
U/M Box of 10
Stock Status In stock orders received before 2pm EST will normally ship same business day.

Product Price Order

  #132HH Trichloroethylene 0.05-2.5%
  Product #: 132HH


  #132HA Trichloroethylene 20-1300ppm
  Product #: 132HA


  #132M Trichloroethylene 2-250ppm
  Product #: 132M


  #132L Trichloroethylene 1-70ppm
  Product #: 132L


  #132LL Trichloroethylene 0.25-8.8ppm
  Product #: 132LL


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