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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Medias & Cassettes :: Filter Membranes & Media :: Grade 934-AH« Glass Fiber Filters

Grade 934-AH« Glass Fiber Filters  
Grade 934-AH« Glass Fiber Filters 
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Glass Fiber Filters, 934-AH« in sizes ranging from 25mm through 8" x 10" sheets. Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.5Ám size particle retention. This material is the standard for suspended solids content and related measurements (Standard Methods 2540D and EPA Method 160.2). Also widely used in cell harvesting applications and RIA scintillation counting. Grade 934-AH« is a binderless borosilicate glass microfiber which enables use up to 550░ C.

  • Particle retention: 1.50Ám
  • Filtration Speed: 47 sec
  • Thickness: .43mm
  • Basis Weight: 64g/m▓

Grade 934-AH« is specified in standard methods for use in:
  • Determination of Suspended Solids
  • Determination of Total Dissolved Solids
  • Determination of Total Solids
  • Determination of Total Volatile Solids

Grade 934-AH« is the only grade of borosilicate glass microfiber approved for use in volatile suspended solids (v.s.s.)

Product Cross Reference:
Brand Zefon
Product #
GE/Whatman Equivalent Millipore Equivalent Ahlstrom Equivalent Advantec/MFS Equivalent
Filter Grade 934AH« 934AH« AP40 161 GC50
25mm (2.5cm) IW-AH2500 1827-025 AP40 025 00
1610-0250 GC5025MM
37mm (3.7cm) IW-AH3700 1827-037 AP40 037 05
N/A GC5037MM
47mm (4.7cm) IW-AH4700 1827-047 AP40 047 05
1610-0470 GC5047MM
8" x 10" Sheet IW-AHS810 1827-866 AP40 8X105
Comparisons provided to assist customers in locating similar products. Indication of competitive trade name, part numbers, catalog numbers are for reference only. No affiliation or rights are implied. All Zefon brand 934AH« products come packed with 100 filters per box. Other brands may vary.

The trademark 934-AH« is owned by GE Healthcare / Whatman and used under license.
Manufacturer Zefon International
U/M 100/pack
Stock Status Normally ships within 24 hours.

Product Price Order

  934AH 25mm (2.5cm)
  Product #: IW-AH2500


  934AH 37mm (3.7cm)
  Product #: IW-AH3700


  934AH 47mm (4.7cm)
  Product #: IW-AH4700


  934AH 8" x 10"
  Product #: IW-AHS810


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