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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Pumps & Calibrators :: IAQ Air Sampling Pumps

IAQ Air Sampling Pumps  

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Bio-Pump Bioisolation Filter
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Bio-Pump Bioisolation Filter
Product #: ZA0047

Reduce cross contamination concerns!

The Bio-Pump Bio-isolation filter is a filter designed to protect the pump from contamination during use.

Zefon Price: $12.60
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BioCulture Calibration Head
See details
BioCulture Calibration Head
Product #: APB-708500

The Bio-Culture™ calibration head is a NIST traceable venturi calibrator with 1% accuracy that
allows users to calibrate the flow of the Bio-Culture pump themselves without having to send the
pump out for service or calibration.

Zefon Price: $810.00
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Zefon Bio-Pump Repair
See details
Zefon Bio-Pump Repair
Product #: REPAIR-ZBP100

Factory Service and Repair of Zefon Bio-Pump & Bio-Pump Plus.

Zefon Price: $185.00

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