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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Medias & Cassettes :: Filter Membranes & Media :: Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) Filters, Plain White

Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) Filters, Plain White  
Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) Filters, Plain White 
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Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) Filter Membrane Discs, plain white. Developed from a mixture of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate, MCE membrane filters are one of the most widely used filters in both air monitoring and analytical applications.

  • Suitable for air monitoring applications.
  • Dissolves completely using standard digestion procedures.
  • Suitable for use in most all NIOSH analytical methods which require MCE filters, including asbestos fibers monitoring (0.8m and 1.2m membrane is specially handled to offer minimal interference during asbestos analysis).
  • Clears completely, possesses low artifacts, and offers minimal interference in fiber counting.
  • Air Monitoring
  • Particle Monitoring
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Contamination Analysis
  • General Laboratory Filtration


Color: white
Surface: plain
Wettability: hydrophilic
Sterilization: by autoclave (121 C at 1 bar), EO
Operating temperature: 55 C max.
Protein binding: 150 g/ cm2
Bacterial endotoxins: 8.0 EU/mL
Gravimetric extractables: < 1.0% (0.22 <4%)

Product Code Pore Size
Color Surface Bubble Point
Water Flow Rate
Air Flow Rate
FMCE02** 0.22 White Plain 3.76 133 17.5 2.4 73
FMCE45** 0.45 White Plain 2.11 150 60 4 79
FMCE8** 0.8 White Plain 0.98 150 190 16 82
FMCE1** 1.2 White Plain 0.77 150 270 20 82
FMCE5** 5 White Plain 0.55 135 580 32 84
** indicates the filter diameter.

Additional Information Available

MSDS Sheet

Manufacturer Zefon International
U/M 100/Pack
Stock Status Normally Ships within 24 hours

Product Price Order

  MCE Filter, 0.2μm, 25mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE0225


  MCE Filter, 0.2μm, 37mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE0237


  MCE Filter, 0.2μm, 47mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE0247


  MCE Filter, 0.45μm, 25mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE425


  MCE Filter, 0.45μm, 37mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE4537


  MCE Filter, 0.45μm, 47mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE4547


  MCE Filter, 0.8μm, 25mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE825


  MCE Filter, 0.8μm, 37mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE837


  MCE Filter, 0.8μm, 37mm, Plain White - Match Weigh Pairs (50μg)
  Product #: FMCE837MW50-


  MCE Filter, 0.8μm, 47mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE847


  MCE Filter, 1.2μm, 25mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE125


  MCE Filter, 1.2μm, 37mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE137


  MCE Filter, 1.2μm, 47mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE147


  MCE Filter, 5.0μm, 25mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE525


  MCE Filter, 5.0μm, 37mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE537


  MCE Filter, 5.0μm, 47mm, Plain White
  Product #: FMCE5047


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