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Zefon International, Inc. :: Portable Instruments :: Differential Pressure Recorders :: Omniguard 5 Differential Pressure Recorder

Omniguard 5 Differential Pressure Recorder  
Omniguard 5 Differential Pressure Recorder 
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The Omniguard 5 Digital pressure Recorder is the clear choice for monitoring and documenting Vacuum and Pressure in a containment area. Ideal for Asbestos, Lead and Mold abatement and Clean Room monitoring. The Omniguard 5 utilizes state of the art pressure measurement technology to accurately monitor pressure inside a containment area.

The Omniguard 5 is a differential pressure recorder in a completely self-contained package, designed from the beginning to be extremely flexible yet easy to use. The included accessories, owner's manual, hose, a spare roll of paper and AC cord, store easily in the lid. There's no AC adapter to keep track of.

It's easy to find a convenient spot to place the unit since the Omniguard 5 is not position sensitive and can be hung by a nail. Accurate measurements continue even if the unit is dropped or moved.

The backlit graphics display provides the easiest setup possible. Pressure is indicated with large easy to read characters and alarm setpoints are always displayed. Screen icons show the monitoring, printer and audible alarm status with a glance. Detailed information for job setup, feature settings and operating instructions are available on-screen at any time by pressing the Help key. Troubleshooting topics are also covered.

Pressure readings are time stamped and logged into memory once containment has been established. Audible and visual alarms activate whenever the pressure reaches the alarm setpoints.

The Omniguard 5 ensures the site inspector that proper containment was maintained. Logs and summary reports can be printed at any time for easy inspection of the monitoring data. Durable and reliable, the Omniguard 5 is clearly the contractors choice for containment monitoring.

  • Real time monitoring of differential pressure and/or vacuum level
  • Measurement Range: +/-0.250” WC (+/-6.35mmWC, +/-62.5 Pascals)
  • Accuracy: +/- .003” WC or +/-1% of reading whichever is greater
  • Menu driven interface for easy setup
  • Instant on screen help
  • Dual inlet ports allow monitoring between two areas
  • Programmable high and low alarm setpoints
  • Pressure displayed in Inches WC, Millimeters WC or Pascals
  • Temperature compensated circuitry reduces the need for offsite calibration
  • 30+ day internal memory stores pressure readings and alarm occurrences with a time/date stamp
  • Stores Contractor name for use in Job Reports
  • USB Type-A port lets you save logs directly to a flash drive
  • Windowed case lid allows viewing pressure reading and status with the lid closed to prevent damage to unit from water and other construction debris.
  • Large graphic display with blue backlight shows current pressure, monitoring status and alarm settings at a glance
  • Variable response rate to avoid nuisance alarms in windy environments
  • 95 decibel audible alarm notifies workers and bystanders when containment is lost
  • Optional Omniguard USB Port Adapter with relay outputs can trigger remote alarm and autodialer at the same time
  • Notify offsite personnel of alarm conditions via text message on their cell phone or by email using optional cellular wireless modem, also sends job summaries
  • Second USB port supports PC communication for transferring job logs, real time monitoring and configuration editing
  • Thermal printer, no ink ribbons
  • Printing in any position with paper contained in a protected compartment
  • Print/log interval adjustable to conserve paper and memory
  • Multiple reports available at the touch of a key
  • Automatic printout and logging of all settings changes
  • Configuration report prints current settings and monitoring status for easy review
  • View log on screen, scroll through entire memory contents
  • Paper stores easily in protected compartment
  • Passcode protection prevents tampering
  • Operating temperature range 30-130° F
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Rugged self-contained unit includes power cord, owner's manual, 10' of hose and spare paper roll stored in the case

Additional Features

The Omniguard 5's case allows the unit to be operated with the lid closed. A window in the lid lets you see the screen and there is a slot in the side for hoses and cables. Keeping the lid closed means water and dirt stay out and that means a pressure recorder that keeps on working.

Save logs directly to a USB flash drive on the job site. No need to carry a laptop with you or bring your Omniguards into the office just to retrieve the logs. You can view and store the logs files on your PC later using the free software included.

Hang it by the handle or hanging clip, stand it up or just lay flat. The rotating screen lets you view the information no matter which way you look at it.

Multiple screens formats let you choose between the standard monitoring screen or an enlarged pressure reading that makes it easier to see from across the room.

Additional Information

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Product Price Order

  Omniguard 5 Differential Pressure Recorder
  Product #: ES-OG5C


  Thermal Paper Rolls, 5 Rolls/bx
  Product #: ES-TP201.BOX


  External hose, 3/16' ID, 100ft roll
  Product #: ES-OG-HOSE100


  Cellular Wireless Modem for Omniguard
  Product #: ES=OG-WIRELESS


  Remote Auxillary Alarm for Omniguard (high intensity strobe with 95bd alarm)
  Product #: ES-OG-ALARM


  Autodialer for Omniguard (calls pre-programmed number)
  Product #: ES-OG-DIAL


  USB port Adapter for Omniguard (required for remote aux alarm or autodialer)
  Product #: ES-OG-PORT


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