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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Medias & Cassettes :: Gas Sample Bags

Gas Sample Bags  

EconoGrab™ Tedlar® Sampling Bags
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EconoGrab™ Tedlar® Sampling Bags
Product #: EG-PP-05

Zefon EconoGrab™ gas sampling bags are excellent quality low cost tedlar® gas sampling bags that feature a choice of a single polypropylene fittings or stainless steel fitting. Includes 1 eyelet.

Zefon Price: $11.25

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VeriAir Flex™ Manual Inflating Sample Bag
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VeriAir Flex™ Manual Inflating Sample Bag
Product #: 31019

The VeriAir Flex™ patented sample bag design lets you rapidly collect an air sample in a bag without the use of a pump, saving you time and money when compared to other methods.

Zefon Price: $44.00

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Gas Sampling Vacuum Chamber
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Gas Sampling Vacuum Chamber
Product #: ZA0321

Zefon gas sampling vacuum chambers are sealed boxes designed to allow Tedlar bags to be directly filled without the sample passing through the air sampling pump or the vacuum source.

Zefon Price: $390.00

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Deluxe All-in-One Bag Sampling Chamber
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Deluxe All-in-One Bag Sampling Chamber
Product #: ZA0320

A complete all-in-one bag sampling chamber that includes internal pump and battery.

Zefon Price: $1500.00
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