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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Pumps & Calibrators :: Pump Calibration Equipment :: TSI Primary Flow Calibrators

TSI Primary Flow Calibrators  

TSI Primary Flow Pump Calibrators
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TSI Primary Flow Pump Calibrators
Product #: TSI-4146

The TSI 4146 and 4046 Primary Calibrators are portable, battery-operated units that are lightweight, easy to use and accurate within 2% of reading. Volumetric flow rate. is displayed continuously so adjustments to pump flow can be made in real-time.

Zefon Price: $1325.00

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Pelican Pump and Equipment Cases
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Pelican Pump and Equipment Cases
Product #: ZA0120

Pelican equipment protector cases are unbreakable, watertight to 30 feet, and corrosion proof. They are
made of an incredibly light structural foam resin shell that always looks new and is unaffected by dents,
scratches and corrosion.

Zefon Price: $65.00

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