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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Medias & Cassettes :: Respirable Dust Cyclones :: Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone (Dorr-Oliver style)

Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone (Dorr-Oliver style)  
Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone (Dorr-Oliver style) 
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The Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone (Dorr-Oliver style) is used in conjunction with 37mm filter cassettes to separate dust particles by size with the respirable particles being collected on the filter and larger particles being removed. The collection efficiency curve meets the standards set forth by ACGIH/ISO/CEN for a respirable curve with a median 50% cut point of 4µ when operated at a flow rate of 1.7 LPM.

The Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone has been designed to precisely match the internal workings of the Dorr-Oliver 10mm nylon cyclones currently on the market. This results in performance characteristics which are identical*, but also provides the added benefit of being static conductive. The external characteristics of the Zefon 10mm Nylon Conductive Cyclone have been designed for ease of use and is one of the lightest cyclones users to wear.


  • Meets ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable curve with a 4.0um cut point at 1.7LPM
  • Meets NIOSH requirements for 10mm nylon cyclones as specified in 0600 for nuisance dust and 7500, 7501, 7601 and 7602 for silica dust.
  • Static Conductive – Eliminates any possible bias in sampling results from static charging.
  • Fully interchangeable with the both the Zefon and SKC universal cassette/cyclone holder.
  • Lightweight design – Only 3.6oz (104g) for the complete assembly including cassette and holder.
The  Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone includes the cyclone only. A cassette/cyclone holder is required for use. The cyclone is compatible with Zefon cassette/cyclone holder #ZA0061 or the SKC holder #225-1.

Performance Specifications:

Flow Rate
Application Nominal Particle
Diameter (µm)
1.7 ISO/ACGIH/CEN Convention 4.0
2.0 Other Applications 3.5

Cyclone Performance Chart

* Performance tests indicate no statistical difference between the 10mm Dorr-Oliver nylon cyclones marketed by MSA, Sensidyne, TSI and the Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone.

Additional Information Available

 Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone Operating Instructions
Manufacturer Zefon International
U/M Each

Product Price Order

  Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone
  Product #: ZA0080


  Zefon 10mm Conductive Nylon Cyclone with Cassette/Cyclone Holder
  Product #: ZA0081


  Replacement Grit Pots, Pack of 25
  Product #: ZA0082


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