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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Pumps & Calibrators :: Pump Calibration Equipment :: Zefon Digical Primary Calibrator :: DigiCal Primary Calibrator

DigiCal Primary Calibrator  
DigiCal Primary Calibrator 
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A primary calibration device, the DigiCal™ Primary Flow Calibrator provides instantaneous readings when calibrating instruments like Zefon Escort ELF and LC Sampling Pumps.

Just press the plunger and the DigiCal Calibrator does the work. Its unique flow cell replaces conventional bubble tubes and makes calibration easier. The DigiCal Calibrator achieves extreme accuracy by utilizing a computerized flow meter that provides instantaneous fl ow readouts on a digital display.

Accurate measurements are possible within ±0.5% at any altitude. The DigiCal Primary Flow Calibrator can be used to calibrate the secondary flow standard inside Zefon’s Escort ELF Sampling Pump.

  • True Primary Standard

  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use

  • Work at any altitude without correction

  • Instant readout of volumetric flow

  • ± 0.5% accuracy

  • Microprocessor controlled to provide fast, accurate, repeatable measurements

  • Two flow ranges to select from:

    - DigiCal 5: 1 - 6000cc (personal sampling pumps, such as the Escort)
    - DigiCal 30: 0.1 - 30 LPM (area sampling pumps)

Each DigiCal Calibrator is shipped complete with calibrator, charger, soap solution, dispenser bottle and operation manual.

Additional Information Available

DigiCal User Manual

Manufacturer Zefon International
U/M Each
Stock Status Normally Ships within 24 hours

Product Price Order

  DigiCal 5 Primary Calibrator, 1-6000cc, 110V
  Product #: 655101


  DigiCal 30 Primary Calibrator, 1-30 LPM 110V
  Product #: 655130


  Air Inlet Caps for Digical, Pk of 2
  Product #: 655102


  Charger/AC Adaptor for Digical, 110V
  Product #: 655112


  Soap Bubble Solution, 8oz
  Product #: 655273


  Battery Pack for Digical
  Product #: 655169


  Pelican Carrying Case for Digical
  Product #: ZA0122


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