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Zefon International, Inc. :: Manufacturers :: Zefon International

Zefon International Zefon International, Inc. is a specialist in sampling equipment used for indoor air quality, air quality sampling, building inspection, home inspection, industrial hygiene, restoration, remediation and abatement.

Zefon International  
Product Categories

• Lab and Remediation Supplies

• Acetone Vaporizers and PCM Clearing Supplies

• General Lab Supplies

• Respirator Fit testing

• Zip Style Sample Collection Bags

• Laser Particle Counters

• 25mm Air Sampling Cassettes

• 37mm Air Sampling Cassettes

• Air-O-Cellฎ Cassettes

• Asbestos Air Sampling Cassettes

• Carpet Sampling Cassettes

• Gravimetric Weighed Cassettes

• Mining Cassettes

• Sterile & Endotoxin Free Cassettes

• Via-Cellฎ Cassettes

• Asbestos Bulk Sampling

• Cassette Housings & Accessories

• Filter Membranes & Media

• Gas Sample Bags

• IAQ - Mold & Bioaerosol Sampling

• Liquid Impingers & Bubblers

• Mine Sampling Products

• Respirable Dust Cyclones

• Size Selective Samplers

• Sorbent Tubes

• Surface Sampling Media

• Area Air Sampling Pumps

• Parts & Accessories

• IAQ Air Sampling Pumps

• Personal Air Sampling Pumps

• AP Buck Personal Air Sampling Pumps

• Sensidyne Gilian Personal Air Sampling Pump Accessories

• Sensidyne Gilian Personal Air Sampling Pump Chargers

• Zefon Personal Air Sampling Pumps

• Zefon Escort Personal Sampling Pump Parts & Accessories

• Field Rotameter Flowmeters

• TSI Primary Flow Calibrators

• Zefon Digical Primary Calibrator

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