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Zefon International, Inc. :: Sampling Medias & Cassettes :: Air Sampling Cassettes - Preloaded :: Carpet Sampling Cassettes :: Zefon Micro-Vac Carpet Sampling Kit

Zefon Micro-Vac Carpet Sampling Kit  
Zefon Micro-Vac Carpet Sampling Kit 
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One significant facet of many Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) microbial investigations is the assessment of the carpeting and dust in an occupied building. Carpet is listed as one of the nine potential sources of biological agents in an occupied space (Bioaerosols Assessment and Control, ACGIH 1999). IAQ complications may arise with poor carpet maintenance and accidental water incursions. Poor maintenance leads to an accumulation of microbial contaminants while water damage incidents provide the microbial organisms with moisture and the nutritional substrate to proliferate to problematic levels.

Zefon Micro-Vac carpet sampling kits are designed for sample collection of from carpets and fabrics. Each kit includes:
10 - 25mm or 37mm sampling cassettes with a 45 degree bevel fitted to the inlet port
10 - 10cm x 10cm templates
10 - sample ID labels
10 - Zip style bags.

Zefon Micro-Vac Carpet Sampling Kits are available in the following configurations:
  • Z045CC-KIT - 25mm Micro Vac Kit with 0.45um MCE filter
    (shown in picture)

  • 7345PCCC-KIT - 37mm Micro-Vac Kit with 0.4um Polycarbonate filter
    (not shown in picture)

Manufacturer Zefon International
U/M Pack of 10
Stock Status Normally Ships within 24 hours

Product Price Order

  25mm Micro-Vac Kit
  Product #: Z045CC-KIT


  37mm Micro-Vac Kit
  Product #: 7345PCCC-KIT


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