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Zefon International is a manufacturer and supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health, and safety conditions. We create an extensive selection of air sampling equipment and pumps at our 50,000-square-foot facility in Ocala, Fla. From the initial plastic injection molding to the ultimate distribution, we do it all.

We are a longstanding partner with air quality experts around the world. We have an established presence and positive reputation among the environmental community worldwide since 1990. With an extensive catalog of high-quality equipment and a commitment to standing behind everything we sell with exceptional customer service, we are your one-stop shop for everything you need to monitor environmental and occupational health and safety conditions.

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You can use our wide range of air and water sampling equipment across many applications. In particular, the Air Quality, Environmental Analysis, and Industrial Hygiene industries can benefit from Zefon's products. Learn More >

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Our Environmental Sampling Equipment

As an air quality professional, you know the importance of accurate and reliable equipment. Your ability to confidently sample and monitor various parameters is critical to regulatory compliance and safety. That's why Zefon International manufactures and sells a wide selection of equipment and tools in our catalog.

Zefon International also manufactures water quality sampling equipment for industry professionals. Accurate data is essential for environmental analysis, industrial hygiene and other fields. With Zefon International products, you can collect precise samples and complete tasks easily. Learn More >

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You have a choice when it comes to buying air sampling equipment. Choose Zefon products and benefit in ways like these: Learn More >

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