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Preloaded Air Sampling Filter Cassettespreloaded sampling cassette

Preloaded air sampling filter cassettes are a convenient way to collect air quality samples using a personal or area pump. They test for a variety of common contaminants and are available in multiple diameters and configurations for use with numerous types of attachments required for some applications. As the name implies, unlike other cassettes, they come preloaded with a filter media, eliminating the need for assembly or weighing beforehand.

Zefon International manufactures a variety of preloaded air sampling filter cassettes that meet NIOSH, OSHA, and other regulatory standards. Working in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility, we ensure each component meets our exceptionally high-quality control standards, delivering excellent value for your purchasing dollar.



Our extensive selection of preloaded air sampling filter cassettes has a wide range of potential uses. They are essential for mining, construction, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications where contaminants pose a risk to human health or product integrity. Use them for:

  • Sampling for silica and respirable dust
  • Sampling for airborne metals, including lead
  • Asbestos air sampling (often referred to as PCM cassette or TEM cassettes)


And more. Once the sample is collected, cassettes are easily transported to a laboratory for analysis. There's no need to open the filter cassette or transfer the sample to a different container. Simply close the filter cassette and send to the laboratory with the required chain of custody paperwork.

asbestos sampling cassettesSolu-Sert™ Sampling Filter Cassettes

Zefon Solu-Sert™ capsules consist of an MCE filter membrane sealed to a cellulose shell. When loaded into a two-piece filter cassette, they form a complete unit for aerosol sampling of aluminum, arsenic, chromium, lead and other airborne metal contaminants. Designed to capture 100% of the collected sample, including wall deposits, they allow for laboratory processing with no need for additional wiping or rinsing. These are available preloaded in both 25mm and 37mm filter cassettes.



Gravi-Sert™ Sampling Filter Cassettes

Unlike the Solu-Sert™product line, we designed our Gravi-Sert™ filter capsules specifically for gravimetric analysis. Pre-loaded cassettes feature a PVC filter membrane sealed to a shell. This complete unit is then weighed and pre-loaded into a cassette with a support pad.

We manufacture Gravi-Sert™ capsules from weight-stable PVC materials to permit gravimetric sample analysis. As air flows through the cassette, the filter media collects 100% of the particulate that is being tested for. After sampling, remove the capsule and weigh it to determine the amount of contamination.

Our customers use Gravi-Sert™ preloaded cassettes to test for carbon black, total dust and respirable dust. As with the Solu-Sert™ line, we offer both 25 and 37 mm versions for use with a variety of pumps and other instruments.


Buy Preloaded Air Sampling Cassettes Online
air sampling cassettes

Solu-Sert™ and Gravi-Sert™ preloaded air sampling cassettes are just two of the many types of preloaded air sampling filter cassettes available for sale in the Zefon International online store. Whatever it is you're looking for, count on us for carefully-chosen, quality products at an affordable price. Shop online to enjoy fast shipping to your destination as well as expert advice from our team.

Find out why we're the professional's choice in air quality sampling equipment by shopping our online store today, call one of our highly trained sales reps, or contact your local distributor for assistance.

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