Gilian Personal Sampling Pumps

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Gilian Personal Sampling Pumps


Occupational health and safety professionals rely on personal air sampling pumps to get an accurate measure of the airborne particulate, gases or vapors present in various indoor and outdoor environments. Gilian has built a reputation for providing dependable and accurate air pumps that industry professionals can count on. In Zefon International's online inventory, you can find a large selection of Gilian personal sampling pumps for sale at competitive prices.

What Gilian Personal Sampling Pumps Test For

Gilian Personal Sampling Pumps draw in a constant stream of air and capture particulates in a filter for laboratory analysis. Gilian makes air pumps suitable for use in a variety of detection applications, though some personal models, such as the BDX-II, are intended specifically for use with asbestos and lead sampling.

Professionals testing for personal workplace exposure to particulate, gases and vapors may use Gilian's personal sampling pumps to accurately gauge a worker's exposure to airborne contaminants, as the sampling media draws air directly from the worker's breathing space.

These personal air sampling pumps take representative samples by maintaining a non-pulsing, constant flow of air within five percent of the initial set point. They feature max flow rates between 350cc and 12L per minute, so you can find a pump that meets your requirements.


Where to Buy Gilian Sampling Pumps

Gilian makes a large variety of personal sampling pumps with different styles and capacities. At Zefon International, we provide a convenient place to shop for Gilian personal air sampling equipment. We carry Gilian pumps of various specifications. When you buy Gilian sampling pumps, you'll have the opportunity to select models with the following options:

  • Datalogging
  • Intrinsic safety
  • STP correction
  • Programmable functions

See the product description of the pump you're considering to verify which regulations and guidelines it meets.

You can also purchase air sampling pumps in packs of three or five or in kits that including sampling cassettes and other equipment you need to operate Gilian pumps.

Gilian Sampling Pump Equipment

In addition to the pump itself, industry professionals also require accessories and other equipment to use their Gilian Personal Sampling Pumps. This includes sampling tubes, clip assemblies and sampling cassettes. You can find these pieces of sampling equipment from Zefon International as well. Our equipment is nearly 100 percent defect-free for reliable sampling and results.

The type of cassette air sampling media you choose will depend on their intended use. If you need help selecting cassettes that are compatible with your Gilian sampling pump, one of our knowledgeable Zefon Sales Representatives will be happy to provide guidance.

Your Gilian Sampling Pump Distributor

Industrial hygienists and occupational health professionals have high standards for the personal sampling pumps they use. They need to be both comfortable to wear and powerful enough to drive constant airflow. Gilian Air Pumps consistently perform to the standards of industry professionals.

You can buy the air sampling pumps you need from Zefon International, your Gilian Sampling Pump distributor. We offer fast delivery in the United States and excellent customer service, so you can find the air pump you need and get to work quickly. Buy Gilian Personal Sampling Pumps online or contact Zefon International for more information.

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