Item Number: GIL-783-0008-03


NiMH Battery for use with Gilian GilAir-3 Pump
Item Number: GIL-783-0008-03
Manufacturer PN: 783-0008-03
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Sensidyne LP


Gilian products are not available for shipment outside the USA.

GIL-783-0008-03 is the replacement for the former NiCAD battery, #800464.

Want to upgrade your GilAir-3 pump to use NiMH batteries? It's as simple as just changing the battery.

1. Remove the 2 lower screws on the back side of the pump. 
2. Remove the old NiCAD battery and replace with NIMH battery. 
3. Replace the 2 lower screw to tighten the NiMH battery in place. 

That's it. Your existing single or 5 station chargers will all work with the new NiMH batteries, except for the Gilian BMS battery maintenance system.

Products specifications
TYPE Battery
Products specifications
TYPE Battery
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