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PCM Clearing Supplies for Sale

Air quality is a major priority when you work in an industrial environment. At Zefon International, we have a full selection of phase contrast microscopy (PCM) clearing supplies for your convenience. Our goal is to help our customers maintain the health and safety of their facilities, so we manufacture and supply every product with top-quality materials and assembly practices. You can browse our inventory to see which PCM clearing supplies we have available.

Phase Contrast Microscopy Analysis Tools

PCM analysis is a special methodology that’s commonly used to test the air for sporesasbestos and other contaminants. This process is essential in work environments where asbestos or non-asbestos pollutants can pose a risk to worker health. PCM analysis may be used in laboratories, factories, construction sites and other industrial locations.

You can buy vaporizer kits at Zefon International for all your PCM applications. Our acetone vaporizers are the ideal solutions for helping you prepare PCM samples. For example, our Perm-O-Fix acetone vaporizers are designed to clear the slides for you after you take an asbestos sample. They help you speed up the sampling process, which improves productivity and allows you to conduct air quality testing without wasting any time or resources.

Our Wonder Makers Environmental vaporizer kits are lightweight and easy to use, and they offer temperature control so you can enjoy a safe, seamless user experience. They also come with the whole package, including slides, syringes, triacetin, acetone, microdroppers, tweezers and other essential tools.

PCM analysis is a fast, cost-effective way to determine air quality in a facility. Whether you need to replace your vaporizer or start out with a brand-new vaporizer kit, we can help you get started without delay. The products we have available are designed to be compatible with NIOSH 7400 air sampling methods. 

Related Products

In addition to our selection of vaporizers and vaporizer kits, we carry a variety of other related PCM clearing supply products. Some of our individual products include:

  • Dropper top bottles.
  • Acetone reagents.
  • Triacetin reagents.
  • Microdroppers.
  • Scalpels.
  • Syringes.

There are some cases when you may need a specific part instead of buying an entire new kit or vaporizer. Syringes and microdroppers need to be replaced regularly. Acetone reagents may need to be reapplied. Whatever your situation, we have a product that can help you maintain safety and compliance.

Buy PCM Clearing Supplies Online With Zefon International

At Zefon International, we work with a variety of manufacturers to bring high-quality air sampling products to the market. While Wonder Makers International is one of our main manufacturers for PCM clearing supplies, we also partner with brands like Met One Instruments, Environmental Express and Allegro Industries.

We have acetone vaporizers for sale that you can use to test the air quality in almost any work environment. Our customer service and competitive prices help you take better safety measures and gain the industry advantage. Buy PCM clearing supplies today or give us a call at 352-854-8080 or 800-282-0073 (U.S.) to learn more.

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