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Sorbent Tubes for Air Sampling

Sorbent tubes are a prominent instrument in industrial settings for personal air quality testing. These products are a type of sampling tool made of glass with adsorbent materials inside.

To use sorbent tubes for air quality testing, you must pair them with a sampling pump calibrated to the standard flow rate. The sealed ends of the sorbent tube are broken off to allow air into the media. Then, the tube is attached to a tube holder for the duration of the sample and traps certain compounds from the surroundings.

After the process is complete, the sorbent tube is removed and immediately capped with plastic. Then the collected samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

What Do Sorbent Tubes Test For?

Sorbent tubes test for various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are evaporated into the air at ordinary temperatures. These gases and vapors can pose respiratory, allergic or immune response issues. There are numerous naturally occurring and man-made compounds that can pollute the air indoors, including carcinogens and particles emitted from paints, coatings, adhesives and cleaning products.

The type of VOC sorbent tube you use will differ depending on the substances you're monitoring. Charcoal sorbent tubes for air sampling are widely used for sampling non-polar compounds. Activated silica gel tubes are another common variety suitable for detecting polar hydrocarbons, amines, methanol, inorganic acids and low molecular weight mercaptans.

The assortment of other materials used in sorbent tubes include:

  • XAD-2/XAD-7
  • Tenax
  • PoraPak
  • Soda Lime
  • Chromosorb
  • Microlite
  • Beaded Carbon
  • Florisil

Where to Buy Sorbent Tubes

Zefon International is a leading provider of sorbent tubes for sale online. We manufacture our devices in a range of available sizes, each precisely controlled for reproducible results. See more details by visiting the individual product pages.

We also provide the expertise to help you choose the specific sorbent tubes for your needs. Reach out to Zefon directly for assistance.

Other Sorbent Tube Products

  • Gemini Twin-Port Sampler: Zefon's adjustable sorbent tube holder can simultaneously draw samples from two collections through independent flow rates, or perform duplicate sampling at the same flow rate for more reliable results. Compatible with many sampling pumps, including the Escort ELF, this product offers high flexibility for reading contaminants.
  • Test Tube Breaker: A breaker tool opens the ends of a sorbent tube efficiently and safely. This accessory helps achieve uniform openings at the recommended 2mm diameter.
  • Sorbent Tube Holders: These accessories adapt a single tube for use within a sampling pump. Tube holders can have a non-adjustable flow or allow for standard sampling rates of 5-100cc or 5-800cc.

The Professional Choice for Sorbent Tube Air Sampling

Zefon International carries top-quality, defect-free products for consistent sampling processes that follow the most stringent regulatory requirements. We are a certified business by the ISO and have a long history partnering with air quality experts. You can depend on our organization to deliver your order as quickly as possible, with a dedicated customer service team working to ensure your satisfaction.

You can find certificates and informational resources for Zefon sorbent tubes on our website. Buy sorbent tubes online today by creating an account or contact us for more information. 



*ATTENTION: Expiration dates on Sorbent Tubes can vary from 3 months to 1 year at the time of shipping. Zefon International/Antylia Scientific does not have any control over these dates. 

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