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Gas Detector Tubesblack gas detector tube with parts and accessories

Gas detector tubes are an easy to use, safe and relatively inexpensive way of detecting the concentrations of specific gases. Whether it’s flammable and toxic gases or other pollutants and vapors, the need to quickly detect certain gases — especially in the field without specialized equipment, specially-trained operators or long waits for laboratory analysis— is why gas detector tubes are often the first choice for professionals who are responsible for air quality issues.

Gas detector tubes are designed to reveal the presence of specific gases by changing color when they react with the airborne compound they’re manufactured to detect. Due to the color changing these tubes are sometimes referred to as colorimetric tubes. The glass tubes come sealed at both ends and with a reactive chemical inside. When it’s time to use a gas detector tube, you break off both of its ends and place it in a specially designed gas sampling hand pump. The pump then draws a specific volume of air across the interior of the tube — typically for one to three minutes — where, if the gas in question is present, it will react with the detecting reagent inside the tube. The change in color is measured on a pre-calibrated scale printed on the tube. The color change then proceeds along the length of the tube to indicate the concentration of the gas.

While there are more accurate forms of gas detection, gas detector tubes are ideal for initial, quick tests — such as around material spills, clandestine labs, fracking, emergency response, hazmat situations or in proximity to locations where a leak has been reported. Plus, due to the ease with which a hand pump can be operated, gas detector tubes offer a distinctly advantageous method for field personnel to conduct gas detection tests in all types of time-sensitive situations. No advanced preparations or electricity required, fast results, simple operation and no chemical reagents or analyzers required.

gastec detector tubesGastec Gas Detector Tube

Gastec tubes and sampling pumps are made for a wide variety of applications. With more than 250 different types of tubes that measure over 600 substances Gastec tubes measure substances other brands of tubes just can’t touch.. Select from pump models that come with or without an automatic stroke counter for accuracy in testing. 

Sensidyne Colorimetric Gas Detector Tubessensidyne detector tube pumps

Colorimetric gas detector tubes from Sensidyne are precision tubes with a high level of accuracy and repeatability. With an extensive line of tube accessories like the Hot Probe, which quickly cools gas before entering detector tubes for use in smokestacks and auto emissions, the Sensidyne gas detector tubes, kits and accessories are perfect for all manner of testing including field testing and on-site applications.

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ATTENTION: Expiration dates on Gastec Detector Tubes and Sensidyne Detector Tubes can vary from 3 months to 1 year at the time of shipping. Zefon International/Cole-Parmer does not have any control over these dates.

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