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Nanoparticle Samplers For Salenanoparticle-nrd-sampler-2-foam-filter

While nanotechnology continues to grow in popularity and applications, occupational exposure to nanomaterials, nanoparticles and nano-aerosols is a real concern. With uses in sectors ranging from healthcare and electronics to cosmetics and food supplements, the manipulation and use of small particles on the nanoscale — approaching 100 nanometers, or 100 millionth of a millimeter — is something the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) pays attention to for its potential to positively impact public health. In addition, the NIEHS is currently assessing the risks posed by exposure to these microscopic materials.

According to the NIEHS, nanoparticles can enter the body directly through the skin or when they’re ingested or inhaled. Certain nanoparticles of a fibrous nature have even been linked to respiratory inflammation that’s similar to conditions that occur when the lungs are exposed to asbestos.

Nanoparticle Air Sampling Equipment

Fortunately, while nanotechnology has developed, so too has the ability to monitor exposure to nano-sized particles in a manner that mimics the human respiratory system. That’s why Zefon International has brought to market samplers designed to sample and measure personal exposure to nanoparticles.

Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition (NRD) Samplerdisassembled nrd sampler

The Zefon Personal Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition (NRD) sampler is a precision made sampler for the collection and analysis of nanoparticles. It is unique to other samplers because it is designed to efficiently mimic the deposition of nanoparticles — of less than 300nm — in the human respiratory system.

The Zefon NRD samplers are specifically designed to be lightweight so workers can easily wear them without cumbersome interruptions to their duties. In addition, thanks to their ready-to-use design, our samplers require no complex preloading or cleaning procedures before you use them in conjunction with our personal sampling pump. What’s more: They’re cost-effective, as they allow for less expensive lab analysis in contrast to more costly electron microscopy procedures.

Choose Zefon International for Nanoparticle Samplers

With our 50,000 square foot facility in Ocala, Florida, we’re able to design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of air samplers, including Nanoparticle samplers. We make it our job to supply you with industry-leading testing equipment for the monitoring of airborne particles. It’s why everyone from scientists and lab workers to industrial hygienists and safety managers trust our products, customer service, and advice.

We’re proud to be “The Professional Choice for Air Sampling Equipment.” For informed answers to many of the most common questions we’re asked, please visit our FAQs page, call one of our highly trained sales reps, or visit your local distributor.

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