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GASTEC Detector Tubes

Occupational health and safety professionals need specialized tools to detect and measure the presence of various gases in the field.gastec detector tubes For these professionals, GASTEC Detector Tubes provide a simple solution. They allow you to measure the concentration of certain gases in the field quickly and accurately.

GASTEC tubes contain detecting reagents that are highly sensitive to the substance being detected. When an operator draws a sample of air into the tube, the reagents produce a distinct color change. The operator can then determine the concentration of the specified gas using the calibration scale printed on the tube for easy reading.

GASTEC Detector Tubes have been adopted in a variety of industry settings as a simple way to determine the presence of different hazardous gases. In fact, GASTEC makes tubes for more than 500 different applications. They are used regularly in fire and rescue services, marine and shipping industries, oil refining chemical plants, mines, underground work environments, laboratories and even schools. You can use GASTEC Detector Tubes to measure levels of hazardous and non-hazardous gases present in indoor and outdoor environments.

Where to Buy GASTEC Detector Tubes

GASTEC tubes prove useful in many qualitative and quantitative air testing applications. You can find all the GASTEC Detector Tubes you need for sale in Zefon International's online collection. Our GASTEC tubes catalog includes tubes capable of testing for more than 600 gaseous substances, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, mercury vapor, propane and other substances that pose potential health and workplace safety risks.

Each of our GASTEC Detector Tubes tests for one or more gases within a specific concentration range. They're available in different ranges, so you can find tubes suited to your application. You can buy tests in boxes of five or 10. If you need help finding the right test or calibration scale for your needs, one of our Zefon Sales Representatives would be happy to assist you.

gastec detector tube pumpOther GASTEC Detector Products

GASTEC's detector tubes allow you to measure gas concentrations without leaving the field. However, to use your GASTEC tests, you will also require a compatible sampling pump. Zefon International carries the official GASTEC Gas Sampling Pump. To make sampling and measuring in the field easier for operators, we also sell packages that include one hand adapters and stroke counters for accurate measuring.

Other useful accessories for GASTEC Detector Tubes and gas sampling pumps include extension hoses, carrying cases and hot probes for grab sampling. With Zefon International, you can shop for detector tubes and gas sampling accessories in one convenient location.

Choice GASTEC Detector Tube Distributor

For years, industrial hygienists and occupational safety workers have chosen Zefon International as their professional choice for air sampling equipment. We offer high-quality air sampling products, fast delivery and dependable customer service, so you can get the GASTEC tubes you need and get to work quickly.

Browse our selection of GASTEC Detector Tubes for sale online today or contact us for more information.

ATTENTION: Expiration dates on Gastec Tubes can vary from 3 months to 1 year at the time of shipping. Zefon International/Cole-Parmer does not have any control over these dates.

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