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Zefon Escort Personal Sampling Pump

Zefon International is proud to manufacture a range of personal sampling pumps under our own proprietary Escort brand of personal air sampling pumps. The Escort line of personal air sampling pumps are compact, lightweight pumps suitable for use in a variety of applications, including industrial health, occupational safety and more. We offer the two models, the Escort ELF® and the Escort LC for sale alone or as part of a kit containing various accessories and other products.


Patented Flow Control in the Escort ELF®personal air sampling pump

While the Escort LC includes a basic flow control mechanism, the Escort ELF features an “electronic laminar flow” control, hence the name “ELF”. At the heart of the Escort ELF® sampling pump is our patented laminar flow mechanism — a one-of-a-kind system engineered to maintain a steady flow rate within ±2.5%, even when altitude, temperature, battery voltage or sample loads change. This helps ensure the accuracy of your samples, saving you time, money and work-hours, leading to less sample loss and greater productivity overall.

Our electronic laminar flow sensor is just one of the things that distinguish the Escort ELF® from other personal sampling pumps.


Escort Personal Pump Features

  • Flow Range: 0.5 to 3.0 LPM
  • A lightweight, durable form factor — the Escort LC and Escort ELF® weighs just 19 oz. while delivering IP65-rated protection against water and dust
  • A redesigned NiMH battery pack with approximately 20% longer running time between charges
  • Flow control:
    • Escort ELF features an internal secondary standard flow control that continuously keeps the pump calibrated in accordance with OSHA specifications
    • Escort LC features basic flow control to maintain flow against filter loaded and backpressure changes.
  • An integrated inlet filter that traps incoming particulate matter.
  • A water stop filter which prevents moisture from entering the pump. This is standard on the Escort ELF and an optional add-on for the Escort LC.
  • EMI/RFI resistance thanks to a stainless steel/plastic hybrid case
  • Easy Operation: A built-in keypad that allows users to turn the pump on or off. Flow is adjusted using a button keypad on the Escort ELF; on the Escort LC a potentiometer is used.
  • A comprehensive two-year warranty


The Escort line of personal air sampling pumps can operate at flow rates ranging from .5-3.0 LPM. They require little ongoing maintenance other than calibration to an external standard. For the Escort ELF this is once a month for regular use or every 200 hours for coal mine dust sampling applications. For the Escort LC, this is recommended before and after each sample is taken.


escort elf personal pumpEscort ELF and Escort LC Approvals

Various governing bodies have approved the Escort personal air sampling pumps for use in different environments and applications. These approvals include:

  • UL approved to be intrinsically safe for Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E, F and G; and Class III, Division I hazardous locations
  • NIOSH certified for coal mine dust sampling — approval number TC-74-030
  • MSHA certified as intrinsically safe for underground use — approval number 2G-3924-1
  • ATEX approved as intrinsically safe – Approval LOM ATEX 2041. This applies to only select models. Inquire with Zefon sales for details.
  • Pennsylvania DEP approval #BFE 6-11

 person pump accessories

Accessories and Other Products

We offer the Escort personal air sampling pumps for sale individually or in multi-packs. Optional accessories include the Gemini Twin-Port sorbent tube sampler and the 10mm Dorr-Oliver Cyclone Assembly, as well as a variety of cases, sampling lines and more. Explore our inventory using the links on this page, or download our Product Literature for detailed information about our catalog.


Buy Escort Elf Personal Sampling Pumps Online

The Zefon International online store is the best place to purchase a Zefon Escort personal air sampling pumps online. We offer fast shipping and excellent service. Because it's our own product, we know it better than anyone else and can help you put together the best package of products for your needs.

Ready to get started? Buy online or contact your local distributor for assistance.

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