Sensidyne Detector Tube Pumps

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Sensidyne Detector Tube Pumps

When you suspect a hazardous gas may be present, you need test results fast. As the quality standard in the air sampling industry, Sensidyne's colorimetric gas detector tube system allows professionals to test for known gases and vapors in the field and receive results in minutes without electricity or sophisticated chemistry knowledge.

Gas detector tubes reveal the concentrations of specific gases in the air using color-changing reagents. In the field, a professional breaks off the ends of the glass tube and inserts it into a corresponding hand pump, using the handle to draw the desired amount of air across the tube's interior. After the specified sampling time, the professional can then determine the concentration of the target gas in the area using the easy-to-read scale printed on the tube.

In certain concentrations, some gases have the potential to cause immediate and long-term negative health effects, as well as create other hazardous conditions for workers and bystanders. The pump you choose will impact your ability to keep yourself and others safe, so you need to use gas detection equipment with excellent precision and accuracy.

At Zefon International, we offer a number of reliable Sensidyne detector tube pumps and pump kits for fast, routine field screening and spot sampling. These pumps feature antibacterial grips and lightweight, rugged designs for maximum convenience.

Applications for Sensidyne Gas Detection Pumps

Sensidyne manufactures gas detector tubes capable of detecting over 350 types of vapor and gas substances, including ammonia, carbon monoxide, ethylene, gasoline, formaldehyde, propane and mercury vapor. As a result, you can use a Sensidyne detector pump to test for a wide range of potentially hazardous gases. With the right detector tubes, you can even use the pump to test for proper oxygen levels at the work site to prevent hypoxia.

Sensidyne gas detection tube pumps are handheld and highly portable, making them ideal for on-the-spot testing in both outdoor and indoor environments. With extension hoses, they also allow you to sample air from inside manholes, tanks and pipelines. Some of the industries that regularly rely on these gas detection pumps include oil refining, mining, marine, shipping, laboratory and emergency response.

Gas Detector Tubes and Accessories

Sensidyne detector tube pumps work in tandem with single-use detector tubes and accessories to take accurate measurements in different applications. In our selection, you will find a wide variety of compatible Sensidyne detector tubes available in boxes of 5 or 10. In addition, we offer accessories such as one-hand adapters, bulb aspirators and extension hoses to make air sampling easier.

For professionals who would like to try other gas detection options, we also sell GASTEC detector tubes and detector tube pumps.

Buy Detector Tube Pumps Online

Zefon International is the professional choice for air sampling equipment. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we consistently provide high-quality products and deliver them on time. Browse our selection of Sensidyne detector tube pumps online and create an account to place your order. For help selecting the right gas detection products for your applications, reach out online to connect with one of our professionals.

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