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Air Sampling MSA Cyclonessampling cyclones

The most recommended device to separate out larger particles that are not of concern is to use a cyclone device connected to a filter cassette. Unlike other air sampling equipment that simply draws air across a filter, the cyclone is a device that creates a centrifuge. This rapid air circulation allows larger particles to fall down into what’s known as a grit pot, while smaller, respirable-sized particles are captured by the filter cassette.

There are many types of sampling cyclones available on the market, it’s crucial to select the right one for the particles being sampled. Each cyclone is designed to operate at specific flow rates and collect specific types of particle sizes. In addition, since sampling cyclones and pumps are designed to clip to workers’ clothing in order to take air samples, the overall weight, and portability of the equipment is a major consideration.

Zefon International can provide you with the trusted advice you need to make the right selections for all your cyclone and air sampling equipment requirements. Our quality management, like our customer service, is of the highest caliber, so we consistently deliver the equipment, advice, and support you expect from an industry leader.

Finding your nearest Zefon International representative is as easy as clicking here. Plus, for those who already know what they need, our online store offers 24/7 convenience. All you have to do is create an account and place your order. Our defect-free products, affordable pricing, wide selection, and extensive distribution network make us the preferred choice of smart professionals.

aluminum cyclonesAluminum Cyclone for Respirable Dust

Choose between our 25mm aluminum cyclone and 37mm aluminum cyclone. Both are lightweight — at only 30 grams — and specified in NIOSH for the testing of respirable particulates, including crystalline silica. We also offer starter kits for each model.

Nylon Dorr Oliver Style Cyclonesnylon cyclone

We make several 10mm Dorr-Oliver style cyclones, including a conductive nylon cyclone that eliminates static charging and counteracts any bias in sampling results. It weighs in at a mere 3.6oz and is compatible with our universal cassette/cyclone holder.

Zefon International for Quality Products and Trusted Results

Known as “The Professional Choice for Air Sampling Equipment,” we’re proud to meet or exceed our customers’ needs. For answers to the most common questions, we’re asked, visit our FAQs page, call one of our highly trained sales reps, or visit your local distributor.

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