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Impingers and Bubblers

If you’re looking for a high-quality sampling solution, you can choose from our selection of impingers and bubblers for sale online. Impingers and bubblers are ideal for use alongside air sample pumps to capture and analyze air quality in a specific area. For instance, these bubblers can provide support inside work zones by helping you detect hazardous chemicals or particulates in the air. In the long run, they can protect the health and safety of your workers. 

Where to Buy Impingers and Bubblers

Working in an area where dangerous gases, chemicals or vapors could be present requires the use of air sampling equipment. At the same time, it’s important to know you’re investing in equipment that will provide accurate, reliable air quality samples. 

By working with a dependable impinger and bubbler manufacturer, you can ensure the equipment you choose will offer the performance and quality you’re looking for. Zefon International manufactures and delivers several impinger options for all your air sampling needs. 

Our inventory contains multiple midget impingers, which require only a small amount of liquid to facilitate effective analysis. These have a 25 mL capacity and offer your choice of a fritted or standard nozzle tip.

Product Brands

At Zefon International, we partner with air quality experts in all areas of the industry. Our products come from a variety of reputable brands, including Environmental Express, Engineering Solutions Inc., Gastec and more.

Our impingers and bubblers online are manufactured directly by Zefon International. These bubblers are easy to install along with your additional air sampling equipment, and we build them specifically with your workplace safety in mind. With accurate measurement readings and a simple two-piece design, our impinger brand will help you conduct quick, efficient sampling operations.

In addition, we provide competitive pricing and trustworthy customer service so you can feel confident in each purchase. We even have a 30-day exchange policy that will better ensure your satisfaction. Our brand offers exceptional durability, and we only offer you equipment options that we would be willing to use and trust ourselves. 

Related Products

Zefon International provides a wide variety of product options, from air sampling equipment and pumps to portable instruments and compatible accessories. Zefon impingers and bubblers can be used in tandem with many of our air sampling pumps to collect simple, reliable air quality data. For example, we offer multiple area pumps, personal pumps and pump accessories that may work well with your bubbler.

These additional products can expand the capabilities of your impinger, helping you find and identify all types of airborne chemicals, gases and particles. They'll also help you implement more effective solutions to establish a clean, safe environment for everyone in your facility.

Impingers and Bubblers for Sale Online at Zefon International

You can enhance workplace safety today with our fast shipping and competitive prices on high-quality bubblers. Buy our impingers and bubblers online today or find a dealer to learn more.

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