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Sampling Pump Calibration Equipment

Across the many applications for air quality sampling, the calibration technology supporting this process is a crucial component. Those who conduct industrial hygiene studies or other types of environmental monitoring will need reliable readings for every sample they generate.

To solve the uncertainty of detecting many of the harmful substances that affect indoor air quality, you must routinely check and adjust the flow of personal and environmental sampling pumps. This is to verify the pumps comply with OSHA and NISHO standards.

Where to Buy Air Sampling Calibration Equipment

Zefon International's website is the best place to buy calibration equipment online. From complete kits to separate parts and accessories, our store provides a comprehensive lineup for all your needs. We can even include a durable carrying case that will safely store your new equipment between protective layers of foam.

Select the individual products to view more details on their respective pages. If you have a question about which item is right for your intended study, contact the team at Zefon International.

Calibration Equipment Brands

We offer a wide selection of the most dependable, portable products on the market today. These calibration units also come with traceable NIST certifications for assured accuracy delivering convenience with highly automated operations.

Zefon's DigiCal™ primary calibration devices easily verify the airflow of pump instruments such as the Escort ELF. Multiple max flow rates are available for use with a variety of pumps. A microprocessor calculates measurements within ±0.5% accuracy regardless of atmospheric conditions within a simple-to-use, compact unit.

We also carry products from industry-leading manufacturers including Sensidyne, the makers of the Gilibrator II and 3 series calibrators, and TSI Incorporated, the suppliers of the 4146 and 4046 flow calibrators. Each of these mentioned devices grants real-time volumetric monitoring in the field.

Making Sure Your Air Sampling Equipment is Calibrated

Regardless of whether you're using a filter or other media to determine substances in the air, calibration devices establish the pump functions adequately under varying circumstances. The pump's flow rate must be accurately set before the air sampling process is underway. Otherwise, when the results return from analysis at a laboratory, the air quality calculations will be skewed or inconsistent as well.

Calibration Equipment for Sale Online at Zefon International

Before you begin sampling indoor air quality, choose a unit that will make sure the process is handled properly. You'll be ready in no time to use the equipment in conjunction with your pumps.

We're certified under the ISO and committed to giving you expert advice and calibration equipment for air sampling at competitive price points. Purchase through Zefon International and receive fast shipping on your order. We're committed to providing superior service to all our customers, and you can always reach us for assistance.

Speak to a Zefon International sales representative in your area now for additional information about these calibration products. If you're ready to buy, make an account through our website today to get the air sampling pump calibration equipment you need. 

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