Zefon Pump Parts & Accessories

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Zefon Pump Parts and Accessories

Zefon pumps offer powerful air analysis all on their own, but sometimes accessories are needed to fit specific needs, or you may need to replace a part on your Zefon pump. Whatever the reason, we carry a variety of Zefon pump parts and accessories to ensure you can keep sampling and stay safe without missing a beat.


When it's time to service your Zefon pump, you need quality, reliable supplies that offer the compatibility and functionality you'd expect from a new pump. We offer many genuine parts so you can conduct repairs or modifications as needed.

We have many Zefon pump parts for sale, including:

These products are just a few of the parts we offer. Others include diaphragms, dampeners, couplers, check valves and adapters — view our entire product selection for more.


Maintaining your pump is critical to keep it in good condition over time. Our supply of filters and tools aims to make that simple:

  • Filters: We have water stop, polyethylene frit and digital pump filters to help you retain full functionality. The digital pump filters are available in packs of five.
  • Maintenance kits and tools: Whether you need screws, screwdrivers, tubing, valves, ball bearings, washers or all of the above, we carry the necessary parts to help you conduct regular maintenance and keep your pump in good shape.


Something as simple as clipping a pump to your belt or having an extra battery can make a world of difference to air quality experts using a Zefon pump. If you're looking to buy Zefon pump accessories, here's what we have available:

  • Batteries: Keep your pump powered through long days with extra batteries.
  • Carrying cases: Harsh environments make it hard to keep your pump safe, but a carrying case can help.
  • Belt clips: A belt clip is an excellent way to carry a pump through the workday hands-free.
  • Charger assemblies: Whether you want an extra charger or need to replace a broken one, we have charging assemblies available, including worldwide adapters.
  • Instruction manuals: Ensuring safe and accurate usage of your pump is an important part of correctly determining air quality. If you can't find your instruction manual, we sell extras to keep you stocked.

Buy Zefon Pump Parts and Accessories Today

When air quality professionals need sampling and monitoring equipment, they turn to Zefon International. We carry a wide array of Zefon pump accessories for sale, as well as all the parts needed to conduct repairs and maintenance. Browse our product selection and place your order today.

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