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Portable Air Sampling Instruments

For environmental technicians, industrial hygienists and other air quality professionals, the ability to go anywhere and collect samples easily is essential. Fortunately, technology is evolving, and today's portable air sampling instruments are smaller, lighter and more accurate than ever before.

Zefon International is proud to be the choice of air quality professionals across the country. We have a large selection of portable air sampling instruments available from some of the most reputable brands in the industry including Met One Instruments, Svantek, and TSI for sale in our online store. These products deliver high quality, ease of use and full compliance with a range of regulatory standards.


Our Portable Products

Our catalog of portable air sampling instruments and related products includes:


    • Differential pressure monitors:

      Professionals use our differential pressure monitors for asbestos, lead and mold abatement, as well as cleanroom monitoring. Available products include the Omniguard 5, a reliable, accurate monitor with a touchscreen interface and storage for up to six months of job logs. We also carry a full selection of accessories that further expand the functionality of this product. 

differential pressure equipment

    • Dust monitors:

      Handheld dust monitors are excellent for tracking contaminants such as dust, particulate matter (including PM 2.5, Pm 4.0 and PM 10), and total suspended particulate dust, in real-time. 

dust monitoring equipment

    • IAQ instruments:

      Portable indoor air quality instruments (IAQ) include carbon dioxide meters, air velocity meters, temperature and humidity meters, rotating vane anemometers and multi-function tools for monitoring multiple parameters at a time. Use them for regulatory compliance, verifying HVAC system performance and other IAQ applications.

 iaq equipment

    • Laser particle counters:

      Laser particle counters provide fast sampling of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. We have several portable, battery-powered units for sale, including multi-channel models that track and log several contaminants at once. Use them for lab and cleanroom monitoring, industrial process control and other applications. 

laser particle counter

    • Noise instruments:

      Noise is one of the most common occupational hazards. Our portable noise dosimeters are the best way to protect yourself and meet OSHA compliance requirements. These rugged, compact units provide accurate readings of occupational and environmental noise levels, as well as a variety of convenient features for data logging and analysis. 

noise instruments


We are constantly expanding our selection to serve the needs of today's air quality professionals. Download our Product Literature for more information about any of these and other portable devices.

Need help choosing the best product for your application? One of our representatives can go over your requirements and recommend an appropriate monitor.


Why Choose Zefon International's Portable Air Monitoring Equipment?

Zefon International has a large selection of high-quality air monitoring equipment products at affordable prices. We take care to represent only products we know and trust — as a result, our team can provide expert advice that helps you make an informed decision.

As an environmental professional, you appreciate the value of consistency and repeatability. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified business, these are qualities we strive for every day. Whether you're looking to buy a portable dust monitor or other IAQ instrument, count on us for a defect-free product that is shipped on time and arrives promptly.

Ready to get started? Shop Zefon International online, call one of our highly trained sales reps, or visit your local distributor for assistance.

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