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Filter Membranes

Zefon International sells both preloaded cassettes and individual sampling filter membranes. We know how important it is to have the right media for the task, which is why we strive to give air quality technicians the broadest range of choice possible. Whether you are performing gravimetric analysis, collecting a sample to test for airborne metals, dust, mold, or asbestos, or searching for filters that are suitable for NIOSH analytical methods, we can match you with the right filters for air sampling cassettes.

Download our product literature for more information about our current catalog of sampling filter membranes and cassettes.

Our Products

We have individual sampling filter membranes for sale ranging in diameter from 25 mm to 90 mm, as well as 8-by-10-inch sheets. Material options include:

  • MCE: Mixed cellulose ester (MCE) is a durable material made from a mix of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. It is strong enough to support post-sampling analysis, and ideal for use when testing for metals, dust, asbestos, and other air-quality issues.
  • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) filters excel at interference-free silica determinations due to their low ash levels. PVC filters have good gravimetric weight stability and offer low moisture pickup. Zefon sells PVC filters pre-weighed, eliminating the inconvenience of customers having to weigh filters before use
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate track-etch (PCTE) filters have a flat surface and well-controlled pore size and shape. They are transparent and nonstaining, and a good option for asbestos testing and scanning electron microscopy applications.
  • PTFE: Our PTFE sampling membranes are naturally chemically resistant, making them ideal for sampling in harsh environments. We offer unsupported PTFE filters for NIOSH-method 5013 testing, PTFE filters with laminated support for polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon testing to NIOSH 5506 and 5515 standards, PTFE filters with a bonded PMP support ring for PM10 and PM2.5 dichotomous air sampling, and extra-durable PTFE filters with a laminated polypropylene support layer.
  • Silver: Silver membrane filters are durable and reusable, making them an economical choice for a variety of applications, including those involving aggressive fluids and high temperatures. Our products feature 99.97 percent pure silver construction and are available with a particle retention rating of 0.45 or 0.8 microns.
  • Glass fiber: Our glass fiber filters are manufactured without binders or strengthening agents, from smooth fibers that permit high flow rates, high load capacity and extremely fine particle retention. Multiple grades are available for air monitoring, suspended solid sampling, atomic absorption spectroscopy, and other tasks.
  • Quartz: Quartz filters have fine porosity capable of retaining of 0.6 µm particles with 99.999 percent efficiency at a flow rate of 5 cm per second. Heat-treated filters are available for high-temperature applications.

If you need assistance choosing the best product for your sampling application, please contact Zefon International directly. You can also visit individual product pages to learn more about specific uses and other technical details.

Quality and Value from Zefon International

Zefon International is a longstanding partner with air sampling professionals and environmental technicians. We offer high-quality, defect-free products at an affordable price point and expert customer service. Create an account and shop online today to find sampling cassette particulate filters for sale, call one of our highly trained sales reps, or find a dealer near you to purchase our sampling filter capsules or cellulose support sampling filters internationally.

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