4 Methods for Sampling Airborne Viruses

4 Methods for Sampling Airborne Viruses

Whether you work in a laboratory or handle health and safety inspections there, you need dependable methods for sampling of airborne viruses. This guide explores several of the most effective tools and techniques, plus some environmental conditions affecting sampling accuracy.

What Is Airborne Vi...

Types of Air Pollutants

Indoor air quality is vital to human health. Having high-quality indoor air helps humans live, breathe and work better. However, many common air contaminants can make their way into indoor environments, putting occupants at risk of both short- and long-term health effects. 

This guide to the type...

Passive vs. Active Air Sampling

Property owners or managers who are handed their test results for indoor air contaminants likely won't stop to wonder how you got these results, but industrial hygiene technicians know how important testing methods are to capturing accurate results. Passive and active air sampling are both methods...

How to Sample the Air for Airborne Viruses

Table of Contents

  1. How Do Viruses Become Airborne?
  2. How Do Viruses Spread Through the Air?
  3. How Do Airborne Viruses Infect Someone?
  4. Types of Airborne Viruses
  5. Analysis of Samples for Bioaerosols
  6. Methods of Sampling for Airborne Viruses
  7. Choosing Equipment for Virus Air Sampling
  8. Buy A...
What Is Air Sampling, and Why Do We Need to Sample the Air?

what is air sampling

Employees need clean, breathable air to work in — and in an industrial environment full of dust, smoke and gases, clean air is sometimes hard to come by. Companies often need a way to determine what particulates are in their air and what impacts those particulates may have on workers who ...

Silica Regulations and How to Test for Silica


The new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) silica rule became effective in 2018, and if you have still not complied with it or do not yet understand it, do not waste time. You need to know the hazards of silica and how to protect your employees from exposure through test...

Benefits of Becoming an Industrial Hygienist and How to Find the Right School

 how to become an industrial hygenist

Did you know that humans have known about industrial hygiene since the fourth century B.C. when Hippocrates observed lead toxicity in the mining industry? Since ancient times, scientists have striven to protect workers and the community from hazards in the workplace and surrounding envir...

OSHA Indoor Air Quality Standards & Identifying IAQ Problems in the Workplace



If you've ever watched Mad Men or any other TV show about the '50s, you're probably familiar with scenes of smoke-filled offices and lounge spaces. While these environments might set a good scene for films, they're certainly not suitable conditions for working.

Though rampant smoking ...

What Are Gas Detector Tubes and What Are They Used For?

what are gas detector tubes


Table of Contents

  1. What Are Gas Detector Tubes?
  2. When to Use Gas Detector Tubes
  3. What Gases Do Gas Detector Tubes Test For?
  4. How Do Gas Detector Tubes Work?
  5. How to Use Gas Detector Tubes
  6. How to Solve Problems With Gas Detector Tubes
  7. Pros of Gas Detector Tubes
  8. Cons of Gas Detector...
How Do Hurricanes Affect Environmental Qualities?

how do hurricanes affect air quality


Hurricanes are not just brief events. They can create long-lasting effects after the storm has passed. When storm surges and floodwaters recede, soil can erode and the moisture left behind can cause mold, which can affect household air quality. Being aware of this problem is an excelle...