Laboratory & Safety Supplies

Laboratory and Safety Supplies

Zefon International carries laboratory and safety supplies designed to work with or complement the air sampling equipment we sell. After samples are taken they are often transported to a laboratory for analysis. This requires some basic supplies to ensure the safe collection, transport, and analysis of the samples.

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Our Lab Safety Products

All labs are different — depending on the type of work you do, the substances you work with and other variables, you may have distinct safety requirements from project to project. To meet the needs of all researchers and laboratory personnel, we offer:


    • General lab supplies:

      Zefon International is a convenient source online for all general lab and safety products, including Kim wipes, alcohol prep pads, scalpels, stains and more. Explore our current selection of general lab supplies for sale online or contact our office for assistance.


    • Microscope slides:

      We carry Grafco, Premiere and other microscope slides in convenient bulk packages, in various sizes and configurations. Also available are mailers, storage boxes and other accessories.


    • Microscope cover glass:

      Choose from several different microscope cover glass products in various thicknesses and sizes. We stock cover glass in both the Chase brand and Platinum Line brand. Purchase a single item or pair them with slides and other accessories to ensure your samples are correctly prepared for testing or analysis.


    • PCM clearing supplies:

      Use our PCM clearing supplies for preparing asbestos samples in accordance with NIOSH 7400 regulations, and other applications. We carry complete vaporizer units as well as bulk acetone supplies, microdroppers and more.


    • Whirl-Pak® bags:

      Nasco Whirl-Pak® bags are ideal for sample collection. Made from sterile materials and featuring a leak-proof closure, they are a durable and safe option that's available in a range of sizes.


    • Zip-style bags:

      We carry a laboratory zip-style plastic bags in 3 sizes: 2” x 3”, 3” x 5”, and 9” x 12”. Some feature a write-on label for easy identification. Thicknesses vary from 2 mil to 4 mil.


    • Respirator fit testing equipment:

      Respirators must fit properly to provide protection against common laboratory hazards. Our testing equipment makes sure you're safe at all times — check out our banana oil fit test kits, Bitrex fit test kits, irritant smoke tubes, tents, hoods, and other accessories today.



Our laboratory and safety supplies have two goals — to help you work effectively while maintaining safe conditions. We believe that, with the right products, these goals aren't mutually incompatible.


A Knowledgeable Partner for Researchers and Safety Professionals

Zefon International has a longstanding reputation for high-quality, carefully chosen products, excellent customer service, and fair pricing.

Have a question about anything in our catalog? Reach out by clicking the Contact Us form tab on this page. Our representatives would be happy to answer your questions and recommend the right item for the job.

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