Pump Repair


Providing expert factory repairs of Zefon® brand pumps, including Bio-Pump® Plus, Escort® and IAQ DC Pump.

Zefon Escort and Bio-Pump Repair

The Zefon® comprehensive flat rate program is a fully comprehensive repair service that covers all the parts and labor required for the product to operate correctly within its stated specifications including:

  • Complete evaluation of the pump
  • Repair or replacement of any parts necessary to bring the pump back into a condition of operating within specifications
  • All labor involved for testing and repair
  • Calibration of internal secondary standard (Escort ELF® only)
  • Software upgrade (IAQ pumps only, if available and compatible)
  • Full and complete run testing

Note: Comprehensive repair service includes all parts integrated into the product itself. It does not include external accessories or components of the product, such as battery chargers or flow meters.


Escort ELF®
Repair + Calibration
(includes calibration certificate) $390.00

  ZBP-205 Bio-Pump® PlusIAQ DC Pump Repair $450.00 

Contact Customer Service for a repair quote on older models.

Escort ELF®
Calibration only
(includes calibration certificate) $145.00

Escort® LC
Repair $300.00

You must contact Zefon customer Service at 800.282.0073, email [email protected], or contact your Zefon Sales Representative to set up a Return Authorization before sending your pump to Zefon. No pumps will be accepted for repair without a Return Authorization number.

For repair of other brands of DC powered pumps or repair of AC powered pump, please contact us and we will provide manufacturer contact information or a qualified third party company to contact for repairs.

Please keep our health into consideration and make sure all pumps sent in for repair are free from hazardous materials. All pumps suspected to have been exposed to hazardous substances (including asbestos) should be decontaminated before sending in for repair. Zefon recommends that each pump be placed in a plastic bag and marked as decontaminated, so that there are no questions about the status of the pump. Pumps that appear to have hazardous substances on them and are not marked or labeled will be returned at your expense without repair.



Are your third-party repaired personal sampling pumps compromising safety?

Many personal air sampling pumps are designed with intrinsic safety ratings. These important ratings protect users from unexpected faults that can cause explosions. When manufacturers design products for intrinsic safety, everything that goes into the product is carefully chosen and tested according to intrinsic safety standards. These include:

  • Electronic components that have been tested to meet stated temperature and energy ratings. These are tested not just as individual components, but together as an assembled circuit to make sure they all work together as expected.
  • Proper sealing of air spaces, venting and other forms of barriers are present. One key to intrinsic safety involves methods of isolating energy sources. Sealings, venting’s and barriers are important factors.
  • Electronic circuits have been tested against multiple types of faults to determine they will not produce conditions unsafe for the areas they are rated for.

The cost of personal air sampling pumps can be expensive so many users like to maximize the amount of useful life a pump has. To accomplish this, periodic maintenance and repair are required. It is important that when performing work on products with intrinsic safety ratings a few guidelines are followed:

  • Always replace parts with original parts from the manufacturer. This is the only way to ensure the parts used have met the stated safety ratings.
  • Never attempt to open, repair or refurbish a sealed battery pack. These packs are not designed for repair or refurbishment.

Third party repair providers often price repairs for much less than the original manufacturer. If you are considering using a third party for repairs make sure they are using 100% new parts from the original manufacturer and that faulty sealed battery packs are replaced with brand new sealed packs from the manufacturer.

Below is an example of what can happen when repair facilities do not use original components or attempt to repair batteries.

Escort ELF Pump Repair Issues

So what is wrong?

  1. The sealed battery pack was opened. This repair facility replaced the battery cells with brands not tested for safety, they removed a resistor protecting the circuit, and they did not provide the correct insulators and spacing to proper circuit protection
  2. They used a thermal cut off that was not original and not approved for use in this product.
  3. The seam around the battery has putty around it to attempt to try and reseal it.
  4. The motor in the pump was replaced with an unapproved model with an unknown current draw, compromising safety. In addition, this affects product performance an accuracy. Most modern pumps are designed with specific motors and tuned for the expected voltage draw of the motor.

The product shown in the photo was repaired by a third party and returned to a user for use. Shortly after they began using it, they began to have problems. The changes made by the repair facility have compromised the majority of safety features implemented into the product to protect the user. The user may not have even been aware that the work by the third party has compromised the safety. Don’t put yourself at risk by compromising on pump repairs. Regardless of who performs the work, insist that 100% original parts are used and battery packs never repaired.

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