Mine Sampling

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Mine Sampling 

Dust sampling is a critical safety process in the mining industry. With the right tools, this is a comprehensive and accurate procedure. Zefon International carries mine sampling cassettes for regulation and nonregulation air sampling for coal mines. 

Why Does Mine Sampling Matter?

Mining processes involve a range of flammable materials. Toxic gases such as methane pose severe safety risks within a mining shaft, and the presence of combustible dust adds an extra level of danger. If methane were to ignite, it could trigger a dust explosion that causes extensive damage.

Throughout the mining process, coal dust collects on the walls. To prevent coal dust explosions, miners apply rock dust — an incombustible material — to break up dust buildup and avoid an explosive reaction from the coal. This practice is a significant part of complying with safety regulations in the mining industry.

Mine sampling becomes crucial during these preventive practices. When miners understand how much combustible dust exists within a space, they know how much they need to counteract it through rock dust, scrubbing and water spraying. Coal sampling cassettes allow mining operations to test the amount of combustible material in a space.

How Do Mine Sampling Cassettes Work?

Coal dust sampling cassettes need extreme sensitivity to particle sizes, as the smaller particles are far more likely to initiate an explosion. These cassettes also must separate combustible materials from incombustible ones.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) certifies mine sampling cassettes for the lowest amount of sample loss. A close-faced cassette houses a polyvinylchloride (PVC) filter with an aluminum foil cover to prevent losses. When you attach the cassette to a pump and apply a thermal treatment, it filters ashes along with the combustible material. 

During testing, the MSHA compares the filter weight before and after the pumping process to identify the amount of combustible material. They can also separate the remaining incombustible dust by suspending it in liquid and filtering it through another substrate. After determining the quantities of combustible and incombustible material, the MSHA has a ratio. Mining operations can use the ratio to determine how much rock dust they must add to reduce combustible dust.

Zefon Coal Dust Cassettes

Our coal dust cassettes use a sealed plastic capsule to create the outer shell of the device. The inner components use a 5-micron PVC filter for coal dust collection, and stainless steel supports the structure. Our products are preweighed to allow for precise air sampling for coal mines.

We offer products for MSHA standards and nonregulated testing. For MSHA testing, our cassettes come with mine data cards and mailing cartons addressed to their testing facilities. Once you've collected your coal dust samples, you can quickly send your collection for testing.

Buy Coal Dust Cassettes From Zefon International

Zefon International is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of air sampling equipment. You can count on us for lasting equipment and fast shipping. Browse our selection of coal dust cassettes and find the right product for your application. If you have any questions about our products, reach out to one of our sales representatives.

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