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Air Sampling Pumps and Calibrators For Sale

Air quality technicians, industrial hygienists, and occupational safety personnel working in the field need access to sophisticated and reliable pumps that are also easy to use and portable. Pumps play a critical role in the sample collection and analysis process. Depending on the application, they may be used for IAQ analysis, personal abatement, industrial hygiene, and other important tasks. When paired with the appropriate filter media, they offer a convenient way to collect and test for exposure to asbestos, lead, silica, beryllium, respirable dust, hazardous particulates, and mold spores.

As a longstanding partner to air quality technicians, Zefon International has several area, IAQ pumps for mold and personal air sampling pumps for sale in our online store. We design and manufacture several brands of pumps in-house, taking into account the needs of today's working professionals, to create pumps that integrate seamlessly into your workflow. We also distribute pumps and calibrators for reputable brands including Sensidyne Gilian, AP Buck, and TSI. 

Keep reading to learn more about some of our most popular pumps and accessories, and the benefits they can offer you. You can also explore our website or download our catalog for detailed specifications.


Air Sampling Pumps & Calibrator Product Highlights

Some of the many air sampling pumps and calibrators for sale from Zefon International include the following models:


    • Bio-Pump® Plus: air pump online purchase The Zefon Bio-Pump® Plus is one of the lightest, most compact, and easiest-to-use IAQ pumps for sale on the market today. Designed for use with our Air-O-Cell® and Via-Cell® cassettes, the Bio-Pump® Plus provides fast and accurate sample collection in any environment. The battery-powered Bio-Pump® Plus features quiet operation, programmable sample times, and audible and visual indicators that let you know when the collection process is complete. Best of all, every purchase of a Bio-Pump® Plus comes with over $100 worth of free accessories, including 10 Air-O-Cell® cassettes and a carrying case.


    • Escort ELF® Sampling Pump: escort elf sampling pump The Zefon Escort ELF® sampling pump is intrinsically safe for use in a variety of hazardous applications, including coal mine sampling and underground environments. It features our patented “Laminar Flow” control with temperature and pressure compensation for improved accuracy that is the best in the business. Built to last and backed by a two-year warranty, the Escort ELF® is extremely durable but weighs only 19 oz. for exceptional portability.


    • Personal Sampling Pumps: personal pumps Zefon distributes pumps manufactured by Sensidyne, Gilian, and AP Buck. We stock a wide range of Gilian pumps ranging from the BDXII Abatement pump, GilAir-3 and Gilair-5 pumps, the workhorse Gilian 5000 pump, and the innovative GilAir Plus quad mode sampling pump. For tube sampling, the LFS-113 low flow air pump is an ideal small lightweight solution. AP Buck offers pumps for a wide range of needs including the Libra, Libra Plus, Elite, and Allin series of pumps with flows ranging as low as 5cc all the way up to 12lpm.


    • Area pumps: air flow pumps and equipment Zefon International area sampling pumps are rugged industry-approved workhorses engineered for reliable performance in demanding applications. Our products work with PCM, TEM, Air-O-Cell®, and Via-Cell® cassettes, and come with a locking flow control valve, hose barb, tubing, and on/off switch. We also sell a wide range of valves, regulators, and other replacement parts.


    • Calibration equipment: calibrator equipment Sampling pumps must be well-calibrated to deliver accurate results. The Zefon DigiCal™ is a primary calibration device used to ensure our Escort LC and ELF pumps meet acceptable standards every time. The DigiCal™ works at any altitude without correction and features microprocessor control and instant volumetric flow readout. Calibrations are accurate within ± 0.5%.



Explore our full catalog online or contact a Zefon Sales Representative for assistance.


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All area pumps and related products are available for sale through our web store to U.S. customers. Shop online for fast delivery anywhere in the country. If you're located outside the United States, get in touch with a local distributor for assistance — find a representative near you on our Dealer Locator page.

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