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Personal sampling pumps play an important role in measuring exposure to harmful dust, particulates and gases. Frequently used in construction, industrial and emergency applications, personal sampling pumps help workers protect themselves and stay in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory standards.

Personal sampling pumps differ from standard area or IAQ pumps in that they are designed to be used when measuring personal exposure and are worn on the body. By drawing air through a filter media, sorbent tube, or other collection media at a very precise flow rate over a defined period of time, they allow the harmful substances to be collected. When analyzed in a laboratory, calculations are made to determine how much of the substance the person being samples was exposed to.

As part of our commitment to comprehensive professional monitoring and safety solutions, Zefon International has several personal sampling pumps for sale in our online store. Visit individual product pages for more details or contact our office directly for assistance.



Our Personal Pump Brands

At Zefon International, our partnerships with leading manufacturers have been crucial to our success over the years. We work exclusively with brands we can trust, so we can ensure everything in our online store meets our — and our customers' — high standards for quality.

escort elfOur current selection of personal sampling pumps and accessories includes products by:


  • ZefonOur proprietary line of personal sampling pumps includes the Escort ELF® — the only product with our patented electronic laminar flow control that automatically compensates for changes in temperature, battery voltage, sample load and altitude. Escort ELF® pumps are durable and intrinsically safe, but they weigh only 19 oz. Escort ELF® is the only pump approved for use in coal mines in the Unites States.


  • Gilian:gilair plus Sensidyne manufactures several personal sampling pumps under the Gilian brand, including the GilAir Plus, GilAir-3 and the Gilian 5000. Standard models contain everything you need for personal air sampling. Upgrade to one of the more advanced Gilian pumps and get data logging capabilities, temperature and pressure monitoring, and other features. We sell all Gilian models and accessories, alone or in cost-effective multi-packs.


  • AP BuckAP Buck personal sampling pumps include the Libra Plus™ series, which  allin personal sampling pumpfeatures an antistatic, RFI/EMI-shielded case and full digital display. The Elite series adds data logging and programmability, while the Allin Plus, which is rated intrinsically safe, features an advanced flow control system that compensates for changes in temperature and barometric pressure automatically. Each series contains several models offering different voltages, flow rates and other configurations. A full selection of accessories is also available.




Choosing the right personal sampling pump can be difficult, which is why it's important to work with a knowledgeable partner. The team at Zefon International can help you make an informed decision. We'll assess your needs and recommend the best product, whether it's one of our own or a comparable model by Gilian or AP Buck.


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