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As the demand for quality ground and surface water increases, using accurate and efficient water sampling equipment is critical. Developing and maintaining a sustainable water supply involves extensive testing of all available ground and surface water resources. The appropriate equipment is vital for collecting precise data to ensure site compliance and remedial performance monitoring.

At Environmental Express, we offer various types of high-quality water sampling equipment you can trust for maximum performance. Our extensive distribution network is strategically interlinked to provide fast product delivery to your facility, and our customer service team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry for offering insight into water testing applications.

Reliable Top-Level Water Sampling Equipment From Environmental Express

Besides affecting our health, ground and surface water quality can indirectly influence local property values, economic development and a community's overall image. Measuring and testing water quality show whether the water contains pollutants or harmful contaminants. Sampling water is one of the most effective ways to combat pollution, protect the environment and ensure the water meets drinking standards. 

Because many water systems are dynamic and continually adjust to climate changes, conducting regular testing and performing frequent measuring is critical.

Identifying water health can assist with determining whether it needs treatment. Using water sampling equipment from Environmental Express lets you stay proactive with your monitoring to ensure performance and provide significant cost savings in the long term. 

The information you collect helps you know what products you need to improve the water's condition. Testing also enables you to obtain compliance with any required regulations or ordinances.

Filter Cassettes and Other Types of Water Testing Equipment We Offer

Some of the top-level water sampling equipment we supply include:

  • Filter cassettes: Environmental Express's sterile 37mm filter cassettes work well for a broad application range, including microbiological analysis, fungi collection, beverage monitoring and water supply testing. We manufacture all cassette housings in-house from polypropylene, polystyrene or other conductive materials in two-, three- or four-piece designs. These preloaded filter cassettes meet all applicable NIOSHOSHA and EPA standards.
  • Test tubes: Environmental Express's CBA test tubes allow users to conduct field screening and perform tests for hazardous water vapor and toxic gases safely, accurately and efficiently. These devices offer direct readings from the scale printed on the tube and operate in a 20-160 mg/m3 measuring range.

Applications and Industry Uses of Environmental Express Water Sampling Equipment 

Water sampling can range from in-field testing of a single substance to detailed instrumental analysis of multicomponents in a laboratory. Top-level water sampling equipment is standard in almost any laboratory environment, including drinking water and wastewater analysis, chemical and pharmaceutical testing, and food and beverage processing. 

Specific industries that rely on this equipment include:

  • Construction.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Agriculture. 
  • Environmental.
  • Marine.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Municipal.
  • Utilities.

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At Environmental Express, we're committed to supplying the most innovative and accurate monitoring solutions to ensure higher quality air, water, soil and food. Our top-level water sampling equipment is one example of our many high-performance, cost-effective products. 

Browse our extensive inventory today to find the perfect solution for your application. You can also contact us online with questions or to request additional product information.

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