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Laser Particle Counters

Air quality is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when you work in potentially hazardous environments. Whether you operate in the manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, power generation or chemical industries, particle counters can help you identify particles in the air that may be dangerous to worker health.

Laser particle counters allow you to uphold compliance and maintain safe work environments by analyzing the concentration of particles in the air. This will alert you to any harmful pollutants like smoke and exhaust in your facility. 

Where to Buy Laser Particle Counters

Zefon International is a long-standing partner with a wide variety of air quality experts, and we offer dependable products that are designed to increase industrial safety and job performance. If you're searching for a dependable and versatile particle counter, you can buy one of our products online or from any of our dealers. 

Our inventory is home to multiple compact, battery-operated laser particle counters. These laser particle counters we have for sale online are intuitive and effective, capable of delivering fast results while maintaining optimal accuracy. We offer two-channel, four-channel and six-channel options so that you have access to a solution that meets all your data collection requirements.

Each laser particle counter from Zefon International is armed with features that can help create a more seamless user experience. Our four-channel particle counter from Met One Instruments, Inc. has an especially user-friendly interface and can even withstand up to eight hours of continuous use. Meanwhile, we also offer options with aluminum wear-resistant designs to ensure long-lasting service.  

Product Brands

At Zefon International, we do more than provide our own air quality products. We also sell some of the top solutions from a variety of other manufacturers, such as Environmental Express and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Met One Instruments is known for its indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solutions. With the help of Zefon International, you can buy Met One laser particle counters online for affordable prices. Met One products can be used for a wide range of applications, such as workplace air quality testing, HVAC management, compliance testing and much more.

Related Products

In addition to providing laser particle counters from Met One, we also offer multiple compatible products that can enhance your capabilities. Our offerings range from flow meters to protective coverings for your particle counters. This means that whether you’re looking for additional investment security or you need additional measurements, we can help you find a simple, affordable solution.

Other related products we have available for select Met One particle counters include a temperature and humidity probe, a spacious carrying case, a zero filter kit and a printer for handheld monitors. We also provide particle view software, which can help improve your product user experience.

Laser Particle Counters for Sale Online at Zefon International

Choose Met One as your laser particle counter manufacturer and Zefon International as your provider today. To learn more, you can give us a call or use our dealer locator to find a distributor in your area.

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