General Questions

  1. How can I open a credit line account with Zefon?

  2. How can I purchase your products outside the USA?

  3. Is a copy of your printed catalog available online?

  4. What is the CVV2 number you are asking for on my credit card?

  5. When will my order ship?

  6. Will you notify me when my order ships?

  7. Do you have any local distributors of your products?


Product Related Questions

  1. Where can I obtain copies of NIOSH/OSHA/EPA methods?

  2. Which analytical method should I use?

  3. Why am I required to send in sample blanks?

  4. I have detected some trace levels of metal in one of your cassettes used to sample for metals. Is there any criteria on what levels are acceptable?

  5. I have lost the weight off my pre-weight cassette label. Can you help?

  6. Why is the top filter lighter than the bottom filter on my match weight cassette, resulting in a negative weight?

  7. Does the colored band on my match/pre weighed cassettes mean anything?

  8. Do cassettes or filter membranes ever go bad or expire?

  9. Who actually makes the cassettes that you sell?

  10. What is the purpose of the numbers and bar codes printed on some cassettes?

  11. How can I calibrate my pump?

  12. Why can't I use a standard calibrator with the Zefon Bio-Pump®?


Air-O-Cell® Related Questions

  1. What is the Air-O-Cell®?

  2. When would I use the Air-O-Cell®?

  3. Why would I use an Air-O-Cell®?

  4. What will an Air-O-Cell® tell me about a building's air quality?

  5. Why is the Air-O-Cell® superior to other devices on the market?

  6. What is the difference between an Air-O-Cell® and Anderson or A6 Impactor sample?

  7. What is the purpose of the expiration date on the Air-O-Cell® Cassette?

  8. How much time do I have to use the Air-O-Cell® before it expires?

  9. Is there an easy way to open an Air-O-Cell® cassette?

  10. Is there any way to prevent the glass slide from cracking when removing it from an Air-O-Cell®?

  11. Is there information available which recommends a sampling flow rate, sampling time or has general usage information?

  12. What pump can I use with an Air-O-Cell®?

  13. I have noticed some variations in sampling results when using accessory devices with the Air-O-Cell® in specific situations, such as behind a wall. Why is this happening?