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Industrial hygienists, air quality technicians and occupational safety personnel need top-level air sampling equipment to collect and analyze air particulates. Zefon International, now Environmental Express, has many air sampling equipment options, including pumps and calibrators.

Reliable Top-Level Air Sampling Equipment

Zefon International's air sampling equipment offers many advantages over the competition. We design and manufacture several of our equipment brands. Our in-house processes are based on the needs of today's professionals, so air sampling pumps support air quality tasks. Our products are compact, easy to use and dependable for fast and accurate sample collection in any environment.

Our air sampling pumps support active air sampling, which draws an air sample through adsorbent media like a thermal tube, impinger, sorbent tube or filter.

Zefon Air Sampling Equipment

Zefon has different types of air sampling equipment available, including:

Air Sampling Pumps

Zefon offers different types of pumps:

  • Area sampling pumps: These pumps test the air in an environment when worn by an individual or left in the area. Area sampling pumps detect hazards like gases, dust and toxins.
  • Personal pumps: Personal pumps measure an individual's exposure to gases, particulates, dust and other hazards. The pump collects these substances, which are analyzed in a laboratory later.
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) pumps: IAQ pumps use a high flow rate and sampling cassettes to sample a room in a short amount of time. These pumps test for aero-allergens in a specific area. 

Calibration Equipment

Our air sampling calibrators support the air quality sampling process by establishing pump functions based on the circumstances. An air sampling calibrator ensures the sample is consistent and reliable to accurately measure air quality while complying with OSHA and NISHO standards.

Air Sampling Cassettes

The air sampling cassettes from Zefon collect samples of substances like allergens, mold spores, asbestos fibers and more. These samples can be used for slide preparation and analysis without concern for sample contamination.

Impingers and Bubblers

Impingers and bubblers are used with air sample pumps to detect hazardous particulates in the area. This analysis ensures your samples and measurements of dangerous vapors, chemicals and gases are accurate.

Application and Industry Uses of Zefon Air Sampling Equipment

Air monitoring has various industrial applications for areas with air quality health hazard concerns. Industrial hygienists must use the correct sampling method for the pollutant based on its phase and identity.

Applications for air sample equipment include:

  • Agricultural contamination: Agricultural operations emit pesticides and herbicides into the environment. The workers depositing these substances and the people living near these areas are at risk of exposure.
  • Industrial pollution: In industrial environments, air sampling pumps protect workers from environmental and product contamination.
  • Anesthetic gas exposure: Air sampling equipment protects health care workers by detecting if anesthetic gases for surgical procedures are leaking from equipment.

Contact Zefon International Today

Zefon International is a dependable manufacturer of top-level air sampling equipment. We are known in the industry for superior quality products and excellent customer service. Contact us today for more information about our air sampling calibrators and other equipment.

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