Gas Detection Equipment

Gas Detection Equipment

Gas detection equipment has a variety of uses in industry, laboratories and occupational safety. When you're exposed to potential hazards, the right equipment can mean the difference between staying safe and risking illness, injury or worse.

In the Zefon International online store, you'll find a selection of gas detection equipment for sale from some of today's most trusted manufacturers, including Gastec® and Sensidyne®. We work closely with these manufacturers to ensure a level of product availability and reliability our customers can count on.

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Our Gas Detection Products

Gas detection equipment for sale from Zefon International includes:


    • Detector tubes:

      We sell Gastec® and Sensidyne® detector tubes as well as pumps and accessories by both manufacturers. Detector tubes contain vacuum-sealed reagents that change color when exposed to specific gases, clearly indicating the presence of the target substance. 

detector tube equipment

    • Dosimeter tubes (TWA Tubes):

      Dosimeter tubes monitor exposure levels to specific substances over a period of minutes or hours to provide a time-weighted average (TWA) in parts per million concentration. We carry both Gastec® and Sensidyne®/Kitagawa products capable of testing for a wide range of chemicals. 

dosimeter tube equipment

    • Solution tubes:

      Gastec® and Sensidyne® solution tubes offer a fast and easy way of testing for dissolved substances. Collect the liquid in a clean beaker, insert the tube and take a reading to clearly and accurately determine contaminant levels without time-consuming lab testing. 

solution tube equipment

    • Compressed air breathing tubes (CBA Tubes):

      Compressed air breathing tubes attach to a regulator or other high-pressure source to monitor the quality of incoming air and test for carbon monoxide, oil mist and other contaminants. We sell both Gastec® and Sensidyne® products. 

compressed breathing air tubes

    • Monitoring badges:

      Monitoring badges are compact, portable devices that measure exposure to various harmful substances. They require no calibration or battery power and can be worn on the body for passive monitoring in accordance with OSHA requirements. Our catalog includes models by 3M and Assay Technology. 

monitoring badges

    • Gas sample bags:

      Use our gas bags to collect air samples for later analysis. Our products are durable and available in a range of different sizes. 

gas sampling bags



Use our gas detection safety systems for industrial hygiene, personal safety and other applications — different models test for different gases, further expanding their potential applications. Products are available to test for over 300 different gases, including:

  • Detector tubes — acetaldehyde, acid gases, butane, benzene, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, methane, toluene, and many more.
  • Dosimeters — carbon monoxide, chlorine, ammonia, acetone, hydrogen sulfide, and more
  • Solution tubes — iron ion, ozone, free residual chlorine, salinity
  • Compressed air tubes — carbon dioxide, oil mist, water, oxygen
  • Monitoring badges — formaldehyde, organic vapor, mercury vapor, ethylene oxide

Visit individual product pages for details or get in touch with a Zefon International representative directly for assistance.


Why Zefon International?

Zefon International has a long history of going the extra mile for air quality and safety professionals. We offer a large selection of products by some of today's most trusted manufacturers — including Gastec® and Sensidyne®, among others. Our pricing is competitive, and our shipping is fast and accurate. We also stand behind everything we sell with exceptional customer service.

Explore our full selection of gas monitoring equipment, gas detection dosimeter tubes and other safety systems for sale online today.

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