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Size-Selective Sampling Equipment

Size-selective sampling involves filtering out particles by size, often in a manner that reflects how they are absorbed into the respiratory system. This gives a clearer picture of the health consequences of prolonged exposure to a specific environment and helps develop more effective remediation strategies.

Size-selective sampling equipment often works in conjunction with standard pumps, filters, and cassettes. Zefon International manufactures several samplers for use with our own products or with those of our third-party manufacturer partners.


Our Size-Selective Products

Use size-selective sampling equipment for personal exposure monitoring and other health and safety applications. They are ideal for environments where total dust exposure is a concern. Many of these samplers allow for chemical or gravimetric analysis in the laboratory rather than more expensive electron microscopy. Our selection of size-selective air sampling equipment includes:


    • Cyclones:cassette cyclone

      Zefon cyclones install onto a filter cassette to separate respirable dust from non-respirable particles. We manufacture several products that fit into this category, including aluminum cyclones designed to attach to 25 mm and 37 mm 3-Piece cassettes, 10mm nylon Dorr-Oliver style cyclones which will connect to both 2-Piece and 3-Piece cassettes, and complete starter kits which include a lightweight holder and all applicable tubing. Our products meet applicable requirements for respirable dust collection efficiency curves and are suitable for use with NIOSH standards for respirable particulate and crystalline silica exposure, among other regulatory requirements.


    • Inhalable samplers:inhalable sampler dis

      One of our bestselling product lines, Zefon inhalable dust samplers are used to measure exposure to inhalable dust and particulates. The sampler consists of a removable filter/cassette and a sampling head. Traditionally these have been manufactured using a reusable sampler that is cleaned between uses. This presents numerous burdens for laboratories to have to assemble samplers with filter membrane and then clean between uses. Zefon is the only manufacturer to develop a disposable option for inhalable samplers where the entire device is disposable – and the unique filter assembly allows the inclusion of “wall deposits” in the sample with no extra work required by the laboratory.


    • Nanoparticle samplers:nanoparticle nrd

      Zefon Personal Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition (NRD) samplers offer size-selective collection of nanoparticles particles greater than 300 nm. When used with a respirable cyclone and 2.5 LPM sampling pump, they form a complete solution the features a particle collection that mimics how the human lung retains nanoparticles. Our products are disposable and ready-to-use, offering the convenience of a preloaded product



Shop our full selection of size-selective cyclones for sampling cassettes, disposable inhalable samplers and nanoparticle samplers on this page. We also carry a wide range of accessories such as cassette transport clips, calibration adaptors, O-rings and more. Explore our catalog online or download our Product Literature for an in-depth look at our products.


Why Zefon International?

Our current selection of size-selective nanoparticle samplers and reusable inhalers for sale reflects years of engineering and innovation. We manufacture all items in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility for industry-leading quality control and a defect-free finished product. Best of all, we offer our samplers and media at an affordable price point, in part because our lean manufacturing process allows us to keep our overhead low.

When you purchase a disposable inhalable sampler from Zefon International, you are getting a high-quality product at a great price. You'll also benefit from the expertise of our team. We know our size-selective equipment better than anyone else and can help you make an informed choice if you're unsure which product your application requires.

How can you get started? Shop our online store or visit our Dealer Locator page to find a representative near you.

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