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Gastec Detector Tube Pumpsgas sampling equipment

Gas sampling and testing are essential tasks in a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments. Gastec manufactures an assortment of detector tube pumps that deliver fast, easy, safe and accurate results. Gastec detector tube pumps feature an easy-to-read calibrated scale that's printed directly on the tube. This innovative detector tube measuring system allows anyone to take precise readings in any location. It's also possible to alter the measuring range by making a quick adjustment to the sampling volume.

How Do Gastec Detector Tube Pumps Work?

Gastec has designed its detector tube pumps to be as user-friendly as possible. The simple three-step process includes:

  • Breaking off both ends of the unit and inserting it into the rubber inlet
  • Pulling out the handle until it locks in place and waiting for the sampling time to elapse
  • Reading the measurement at the end of the colored layer

gas detector pumpsOverview of Gastec Detector Tube Pump Features and Benefits

Gastec gas detection equipment offers the following benefits:

  • Pumps are available with or without counters to provide automatic stroke tracking capabilities for tasks that require multiple strokes
  • Fewer pump strokes deliver faster results, especially compared to the other detector tube pumps on the market
  • Thermal ring encircling the pump base ensures precise temperature readings and enables users to make on-the-spot corrections
  • Built-in adapter can convert the pump to one-hand/one-button operation for hard-to-reach areas
  • Dependable detecting reagents meet Gastec's exceptionally high standards in areas such as brightness and tone of color change, length of the color change layer and clarity of demarcation
  • Independent testing and calibration of each production lot ensures maximum precision
  • High-quality glass tube reduces the risk of breakage and sample contamination
  • The soft elastomer material that covers the pump body provides a firm grip that can help to prevent dropping
  • Intrinsically safe pumps that offer an extended shelf life and excellent long-term stability
  • Lifetime warranty provides additional buyer protection and peace of mind

Other Gastec Detector Tube Equipment

Gastec also manufactures and markets an assortment of additional detector tube equipment. Available options include dosimeter tubes for measuring the Time Weighted Average of target gas, as well as solution tubes for testing dissolved substances, compressed air breathing tubes for carbon monoxide testing, gas sample bags to collect air samples for future analysis and monitoring badges that can measure level of exposure to various harmful materials.

Where to Buy Gastec Detector Tube Pumpsbuy pump for gas sampling

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Buy Gastec Detector Tube Pumps Today

Place your Gastec detector tube pump order online today, and feel free to give us a call at 1-800-282-0073 (U.S. only) or 1-352-854-8080 for additional information.

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