Item Number: ZA0095


Impinger, Midget, Standard Tip, 25ml
Item Number: ZA0095
Manufacturer: Zefon International
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For collecting various airborne gases, vapors and particulates using a high flow personal sampling pump.

Impingers are special glass tubes designed to collect airborne contaminants by bubbling the sampled air at a high flow rate through a method specific asbsorbing liquid inside. The liquid used can then be analyzed to determine airborne contaminate levels.

Zefon midget impingers consist of 2 piece of glass fitted together using a 20/40 ground joint. They have a capacity of 25 ML with a graduated scale along the side in 5ML. Each features a nozzle tip which is precisely located in relation to the bottom of the impinger.

  • Fully encircling graduation marks every 5 ml
  • Choice of standard nozzle tip or fritted (bubbler) nozzle tip
  • 7mm inlet and outlet openings; compatible with 1/4" ID tubing

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