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100 Pack White MCE Filter Membrane Discs

A widely used filter in both air monitoring and analytical applications developed from cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate mix. Shop at Zefon
Item Number: FMCE837
Manufacturer: Zefon International
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Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) Filter Membrane Discs, plain white. Developed from a mixture of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate, MCE membrane filters are one of the most widely used filters in both air monitoring and analytical applications.


  • Suitable for air monitoring applications.
  • Dissolves completely using standard digestion procedures.
  • Suitable for use in most all NIOSH analytical methods which require MCE filters, including asbestos fibers monitoring (0.8µm and 1.2µm membrane is specially handled to offer minimal interference during asbestos analysis).
  • Clears completely, possesses low artifacts, and offers minimal interference in fiber counting.


  • Air Monitoring
  • Particle Monitoring
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Contamination Analysis
  • General Laboratory Filtration


  • Color: white
  • Surface: plain
  • Wettability: hydrophilic
  • Sterilization: by autoclave (121 °C at 1 bar), EO
  • Operating temperature: 55 °C max
  • Protein binding: 150 µg/ cm2
  • Bacterial endotoxins: 8.0 EU/mL
  • Gravimetric extractables: < 1.0% (0.22µ <4%)

 PORE SIZE (µm)  0.22  0.45  0.8  1.2  5
 COLOR  White  White  White  White  White
 SURFACE  Plain  Plain  Plain  Plain  Plain
 BUBBLE POINT (BAR)  3.76  2.11  0.98  0.77  0.55
 THICKNESS (µm)  133  150  150  150  135
 WATER FLOW RATE (mL/min/cm2)  17.5  60  190  270  580
 AIR FLOW RATE (L/min/cm2)  2.4  4  16  20  32
 POROSITY (%)  73  79  82  82  84

** indicates the filter diameter.


Cross-reference of Zefon’s Products with other Manufacturers*

 Zefon Product Number  SKC  Pall  Millipore  Advantec MFS
 FMCE0225  N/A  N/A  GSWP02500  A020A025A
 FMCE0237  N/A  N/A  GSWP03700  A020A037A
 FMCE0247  N/A  N/A  GSWP04700  A020A047A
 FMCE425  225-1911  63068  HAWP02500  A045A025A
 FMCE4537  225-1914  64382  HAWP03700  A045A037A
 FMCE4547  225-506  63069  HAWP04700  A045A047A
 FMCE825  225-19  66263 / 64677  AAWP02500  A080A025A
 FMCE837-MW50  225-532  N/A  AAWP037PM  N/A
 FMCE837  225-1939  64678  AAWP03700  A080A037A
 FMCE847  225-504  64679  AAWP04700  A080A047A
 FMCE125  225-1912  N/A  RAWP02500  A100A025A
 FMCE137  225-1923  N/A  RAWP03700  A100A037A
 FMCE147  225-1921  N/A  RAWP04700  A100A047A
 FMCE525  N/A  N/A  SMWP02500  A100A025A
 FMCE537  225-1938  N/A  SMWP03700  A100A037A
 FMCE547  N/A  N/A  SMWP04700  A100A047A
 FMCE547-MW50  225-531  N/A  AAWP047PM  N/A

*The above table of cross-referenced product information is for comparison purposes only. Zefon is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers and providers listed in the table above. Zefon sells its own products under its own part numbers and does not offer or sell the products of the other manufacturers and providers identified above. The information about non-Zefon products was gathered from published price lists, websites and catalogs of other manufacturers and providers, which information may change from time to time. Any Trademarks listed are owned by their respective owner. No ownership is implied. Please note packaging quantities between manufacturers may vary.

Products specifications
COLOR Plain White
PORE SIZE 0.8 micron
Products specifications
COLOR Plain White
PORE SIZE 0.8 micron
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