Item Number: FPC447


Polycarbonate Track-Etch (PCTE) Membrane Filter, 0.4µ, 47mm, 100/pk
Item Number: FPC447
Manufacturer: Zefon International
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Polycarbonate track-etch (PCTE) membrane filters are precision, two dimensional, microporous screens. As in the case of other screens, particle capture takes place on the surface.


  • Smooth glass-like surface with cylindrical pores for maximum particulate capture
  • Suitable for air monitoring
  • Lowest, non-specific binding membrane
  • Precise pore sizes and pore distribution for absolute filtration and separation
  • Non-staining, providing an exceptional background for sample observations.
  • Very low extractables
  • PCTE membranes pass all USP Class VI tests
  • Biologically inert.
  • Optically transparent in most pore sizes.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability.
  • Capture of samples on a flat, smooth, glass-like surface, with even distribution in one plane.
  • Exceptionally low tare weights, non-hygroscopic, and low trace element level.
  • Superior strength

 PORE SIZE (µm)  0.2  0.4  0.8
 PORE DENSITY (pores/cm2)  5E8  1.5E8  4E7
 NOMINAL THICKNESS (µm)  25  25  25
 BUBBLE POINT (PSI)  58  32  13
 WATER FLOW RATE* (mL/min/cm2)  10  45  90
 AIR FLOW RATE** (L/min/cm2)  3.5  8.5  16

* Water Flow Rate at 10 psi
** Air Flow Rate at 10 psi

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 Zefon Product Number  SKC  GE Osmonics  Millipore  Advantec MFS
 FPC225  N/A  K02CP02500
 GTTP02500  K020A025A
 FPC237  N/A  N/A  GTTP03700  K020A037A
 FPC4525  225-1608  K04CP02500
 HTTP02500  K040A025A
 FPC4537  225-1609  K04CP03700
 HTTP03700  K040A037A
 FPC447  225-1610  K04CP04700
 HTTP04700  K040A047A
 FPC825  225-1601  K08CP02500
 ATTP02500  K080A025A
 FPC837  225-1602  K08CP03700
 ATTP03700  K080A037A

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Products specifications
COLOR Plain White
MATERIAL Polycarbonate
PORE SIZE 0.4 micron
Products specifications
COLOR Plain White
MATERIAL Polycarbonate
PORE SIZE 0.4 micron
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