Item Number: ZST-055A

SORBENT TUBE, SILICA, DNPH, 6X110, 300/150, 100/BX

DNPH Treated Silica Gel Sorbent Tube, 6 x 70mm, 300/150mg, 100/bx
Item Number: ZST-055A
Manufacturer: Zefon International
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For measuring the air concentration of chemicals including formaldehyde.


These tubes are used to measure the average concentration of potentially harmful vapors in the air over a defined sample period. To use, the tube is connected to a small vacuum pump that draws air through the tube at a precise flow rate over a period of time. After the sample is taken, the tube is transported to a laboratory where they can remove the adsorbent material and perform analysis by solvent extraction and gas chromatography (GC) to determine the quantity of chemical collected, from which a time-weighted average (TWA) concentration can be calculated.


 Sorbent Material  Silica Gel treated with DNPH (2,4-Dinitrophenyl hydrazine)
 Flow Resistance  ≤ 10 kPa at flows up to 500cc/min
 Operating Temperature Range  10 to 40o C between 20-80% RH
 Blank Tube Background  ≤ NIOSH LOD for the target vapor
 Standards Compliance  ISO 22065


Product # Tube OD Tube Length Primary Sorbent Weight Backup Sorbent Weight
ZST-055 / ZST-055A 6mm 110mm 300mg 150mg


Sampling Notes

  • Not recommended for collection of Acrolein.
  • Ozone may cause interference.
  • Tubes may off gas small amounts of Acetonitrile. Do not sample for Acetonitrile at the same time as using these tubes.

Additional Information Available

Zefon Silica Gel DNPH Sorbent Tube Operating Instructions

Cross-reference of Zefon’s Products with other Manufacturers*

 Zefon Product Number  SKC No.  Supelco / Sigma Aldrich No.
 ZST-001  226-01  ORBO™ 32 small
 ZST-001B  226-01B  ORBO™ 32 small
 ZST-002  226-09  ORBO™ 32 large
 ZST-002B  226-09B  ORBO™ 32 large
 ZST-003  226-16  
 ZST-020  226-107  ORBO™ 706
 ZST-040  226-17-1A  ORBO™ 1002
 ZST-041  226-17-1A  ORBO™ 1008
 ZST-050  226-10  ORBO™ 52 small
 ZST-051  226-51  ORBO™ 502
 ZST-052  226-10-04  ORBO™ 506
 ZST-054  226-15  ORBO™ 507
 ZST-055  226-119  
 ZST-055A  226-119A  
 ZST-058  226-22  
 ZST-060  226-10-03  ORBO™ 53
 ZST-066  226-53  ORBO™ 554
 ZST-070  226-35  
 ZST-074  226-35-03  
 ZST-080  226-30-04  ORBO™ 443/44
 ZST-083  226-30-05  ORBO™ 608
 ZST-084  226-30-06  ORBO™ 609
 ZST-085  226-117  ORBO™ 24
 ZST-086  226-118  ORBO™ 23
 ZST-087  226-27  ORBO™ 25
 ZST-090  226-95  ORBO™ 47
 ZST-091  226-94  ORBO™ 615
 ZST-120  226-59-01  
 ZST-125  226-114  ORBO™ 1102
 ZST-130  226-115  ORBO™ 1103
 ZST-135  226-59-04  ORBO™ 1104
 ZST-160  226-39  ORBO™ 60
 ZST-181  226-111A  ORBO™ 711
 ZST-200  226-81A  

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Products specifications
SIZE 6mm x 110mm
TYPE Sorbent Tube
Products specifications
SIZE 6mm x 110mm
TYPE Sorbent Tube
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