Item Number: APB-708200


Bio-Culture™ Microbial Air Sampler, 230V
Item Number: APB-708200
Manufacturer PN: APB-708200
Manufacturer: AP Buck Inc.
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The Bio-Culture™ air sampler is the smallest, most cost effective and easiest to use sampler available for microbial air sampling. The Bio-Culture™ air sampler features a selectable, continuous, constant sample flowrate and is simple to operate. No tools are required. Its quiet operation allows unobtrusive sampling in a variety of applications.

The Bio-Culture™ Pump (120V & 230V) includes pump, standard 120V charger, pencil torch, and manual. Carrying case included with 120V pump only (part number APB-7080ZZ).

The Bio-Culture™ Pump and Calibration Kit (120V & 230V) includes pump, calibration head, standard 120V charger, pencil torch, carrying case and manual.


  • Flow rate - 30-120LPM (user adjustable)
  • Uses standard 90mm x 15mm petri dishes
  • Sampling head design of 380 1mm diameter holes
  • Suitable for use in USP Sampling
  • Battery powered - runs for 6-8 hours (depending on flow rate, battery maintenance and backpressure)
  • Tripod mounting threads on bottom of unit - allows 90 degree sampling
  • Sampling head may be sterilized by autoclave or gas torch
  • Built-in timers of 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes
  • Optional Bio-Culture™ calibration head is a NIST traceable venturi calibrator with 1% accuracy that allows users the ability to perform field calibration of flow rate without having to send the pump out for service or calibration. (Note: A calibration head is required to calibrate the Bio-Culture™ pump, however it can be used to calibrate multiple pumps)

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