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37mm Solu-Sert Filter Capsule, 50/bx
Item Number: CLCL-C3750
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The Solu-Sert™ filter capsule is a self-contained filter "cassette capsule that captures all particles collected by a filter cassette. It consists of an MCE filter membrane sealed to a cellulose shell to create the capsule. This capsule is then inserted into a Zefon 2-Piece filter cassette with a support pad as a complete unit. After sampling the entire capsule is removed, digested in an acid solution, and then analysis performed. This process eliminates the need to rinse or wipe the cassette interior to account for "wall deposits" and makes it ideal for performing airborne metals analysis.

How it works:
Air flows into the filter cassette through the inlet and continues into the Solu-Sert™. Particulate is then contained within the Solu-Sert™ while the airflow continues through the filter membrane and exits out the cassette outlet.


  • Contains 100% of the sample collected within the capsule.
  • Meets NIOSH requirements for including "wall deposits" as part of the sample.
  • Suitable for 15 NIOSH methods (listed below).
  • Easy laboratory processing with NO rinsing or wiping.
  • Lightweight shell design contributes to less background and improved limits of detection vs using a heavier weight shell.


Solu-SertTM is suitable for collecting the following contaminants:

  Aluminum   7013
  Arsenic   7900
  Barium   7046
  Beryllium   7102
  Cadmium   7048
  Chromium   7024
  Cobalt   7027
  Copper   7029
  Elements   7300, 7301, 7303, 7306
  Lead   7082, 7105*
  Tungsten   7074
  Zinc   7030

* = Blanks may have to be determined prior to analysis

Solu-Serts have been shown to exhibit background levels at or below the detection limit of 25 elements. Measurable background levels of Ca, Mg and P, have been detected, however these levels are not significant in relation to the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) for e.g., Ca, (OH)2, MgO or H3PO4. (Background levels as presented by NIOSH in "NIOSH Guidelines for Aerosol Sampling, Pg 33). Link: NIOSH Guidelines for Aerosol Sampling.

PLEASE NOTE that Solu-Sert is not appropriate for gravimetric analysis. Due to the hygroscopic nature of cellulose, tare weights will not be reproducible. For gravimetric analysis using a cassette capsule, use the Gravi-Sert.


Solu-Sert Instructions for Use

Accounting for Cassette Wall Deposits

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Solu-Sert is a trademark of Zefon International, Inc.

Products specifications
MATERIAL Cellulose Acetate
FILTER MATERIAL 0.8µm pore size, mixed esters of cellulose (MCE)
WEIGHT ~200 mg @ 50% RH
Products specifications
MATERIAL Cellulose Acetate
FILTER MATERIAL 0.8µm pore size, mixed esters of cellulose (MCE)
WEIGHT ~200 mg @ 50% RH
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